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The amount of flak Abe is getting over this article is depressing, although I'm sure he's used to such nonsense. It's closed-minded, ill-thought-out statements like some of the ones in this article's comment section that really get me disappointed in Filipinos; both the ones that run their mouth without thinking, and the ones that do think but never talk.

I don't expect the following people to ever see what I have to say to them, let alone care; but if it remains unsaid, the lesson won't be learned:

Totku, nice try at sarcasm. Unfortunately, you gave "lolz" here just the fuel he was looking for to go off spouting nonsense.

lolz, syempre walang Black Friday dito sa 'Pinas. Pero ang blog na ito ay hindi para lang sa mga Pinoy.

And that emphasis stands: this is a blog; not a news site, not a community forum, not anything that must cater to anybody but the person who owns it. At ang "writer na to" that you're addressing, lolz? That's the owner.

hatch, my above statement applies to your observation. Maybe it's silly, maybe it's stupid, but it's not here to please you or people like you who don't care to think about what you say before saying it. Abe doesn't have to "try hard" when it comes to this blog. You're the one going to, not the other way around. Whatever Abe "tried hard" at, it worked. It's doubly disappointing hearing this from you, who proclaims to "blog not to impress but to express," and who accepts responsibility for "what [you] say but not on how [we] understand it."

Understand this: this blog post isn't about whether Black Friday sales are in the Philippines or not; everybody who has a brain knows it's a US-only holiday. But we live in an age where we can transcend that limitation. Abe does, and so do other Pinoys; myself included. So do you, whenever you buy from Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo; or more fittingly, Ebay, Amazon, or Steam.

Go try it. Black Friday + + OR OR OR any other forwarding service you care about. Don't say the option isn't there for Filipinos, because it is. Don't have a credit card? Gcash AMEX. Don't trust buying online? Well, that's your loss. And if you're not going to try it and still insist on lambasting Abe (or anyone else) for writing something informative, interesting, and relevant on his own blog, then what is this I don't even
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