SDDM 0.1.0 Release Announcement

Today, I am pleased to announce the very first official release of Simple Desktop Display Manager (SDDM).

SDDM is a modern display manager for X11 based systems, aiming to be simple, fast and beatiful. It uses Qt and QtQuick technologies to achieve these goals.

Probably the most prominent keypoint in SDDM is the ability to use QtQuick for user interfaces. It allows you to design fluid, animated user interfaces with hardware acceleration. And allows doing these with very little effort. In fact, the maui theme shown in the video below is around 170 lines of declarative QML code (not counting the empty lines and license header).

Unlike most other display managers, you are not limited to changing the background or position of the input boxes. You are completely free in designing your interface. You only need to add a few lines of code to hook into SDDM backend and execute needed operations.

SDDM does all these with minimal dependencies in a clean and compact codebase. Only dependencies are PAM, XCB and Qt.

Translations, keyboard layouts and fast user switching are some of the features missing in this release. Hopefully we will add these and much more in subsequent releases.

We also have a KCM for KDE system settings integration in the works. It is currenty pretty usable and allows changing the user interface, cursor theme and some other options. Still, we wanted to take our time to provide you a better experience.

You can download the source tarball directly from github:

Please, report every bug you encounter via

Now go and bug your packagers until they provide regular packages for your distribution. ;)

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