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"That we experience a “now” means that the strength of memory peaks when both time parameters are identical, ie t-τ = 0. That we do not have any memory of the future means that the function vanishes when τ > t. For the past it must decay somehow, but the details don’t matter. This construction is already sufficient to explain why we have the subjective experience of the present moment being special. And it wasn’t that difficult, was it?"
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Any Homeworld fans?

If you are interested in the history of the game and its back story, you may like reading this.
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Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance Forever
Zock vs Blackheart
Best of 15 matches
Organized and sponsored by TA4LIFE
#RTS #epic  
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Match 5 was the best!
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Abdulmonem Al-Dubaisi

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Programming is not an easy job, and requires a lot of concentration and expert reference. You might get struck anytime, anywhere in the code, where you can’t work out the things, but need to finish...
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Nice work...
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  " The idea, presented in his 1988 doctoral thesis, fell on deaf ears. When he submitted it to a journal, he was told that there was “no physics in this paper.” Quantum information theory “was profoundly unpopular” at the time, Lloyd said, and questions about time’s arrow “were for crackpots and Nobel laureates who have gone soft in the head.” he remembers one physicist telling him."
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Every now and then, I stumble across a programming language that does something so different that it changes how I think about coding. In this post, I want to share some of my favorite finds. This is not your grandma's "funct...
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Abdulmonem Al-Dubaisi

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Check this link. Check the story section. Do you see any similarities ... yah!

Even though I must say the details in their story and art is much more aesthetically pleasing. And it's an RPG game! So it should have a deep and engaging story.

+Planetary Annihilation , here is an idea for Uber guys. Would it be possible for you to contact these guys and come to an agreement to share a common lore. Seeing as that story telling and character depth are not in of your strong points, and it shouldn't be for an RTS game anyway. But letting an RPG game set the universe, would free you guys from the burden to develop it yourselves.

What do you think?
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+Fusco Leetum  I agree that in depth story would distract from the core gameplay. But, that is exactly why I suggested sharing lore with that RPG game.

Think how "Halo Wars" not a great RTS, benefited from using the universe of a great FPS. It gave it framing and character.
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Abdulmonem Al-Dubaisi

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أذا كان هاتفك الجوال أندرويد، يمكنك رؤية تاريخ تنقلاتك عبر الرابط التالي:

للمعلومية: الشركات الأخرى (أبل و ميكروسوفت) تجمع هذه البيانات أيضا، لكن ليس لدي علم إن كانت توفرها للمستخدم أم لا.
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If you have an Android phone, or if you use Google Now on iOS, you can see a map plotting your location data at

The image below shows my location over the last month.
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جميل جداً، عجبني كثير.
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قالوا القطيف فقلت العز و الشرف ........... و هل سواها بكل الأرض لي كنف؟
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