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Abdullateef Abdulsalam
Engineer, Online Media and Entrepreneur
Engineer, Online Media and Entrepreneur

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1) Wait what?
2) I wonder ... why/if?
3) Couldn't we atleast?
4) How can I help?
5) What really matters?
6) Even so?

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While looking onward and forging ahead, I want to pause and thank God, most especially because I have been blessed beyond expectations. Going through life isn't easy, but by His Mercy, everything becomes as He declares. I pray for continued Forgiveness, Guidance and Mercy.

I also want to thank everyone; family, friends, colleagues, class mates, fans, followers, managers, mentors, critics, enemies, neighbors, admirers, from China to Germany to US to Colombia to India to Ireland to every where in Africa and beyond. Thank you for the impact you have on me. I pray for continued love, prosperity and peace.

The longest of the 30 years was the 29th year, maybe because it's the year that prepares for the next decade. I therefore want to share what I have learnt so far; Believe in your creator and believe in your yourself. Be strong willed. Be open. Be loving. Be good to all. Be passionate about something. Be learned across fields. Be hopeful. Be with your smile always. Be a Man!

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Digital education required for growth in Africa

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The problem with budding entrepreneurs in Nigeria is not money(or access to fund). The basic problem is inability to strive for useful information.

Rule #1 to be a successful entrepreneur: Strive for information anywhere you may find it. Your edge is knowledge of everything humanly

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Post has shared content wants to be the of Africa. 

So I got a private question which would be ‪#‎question6‬: So, what's the best way of achieving a strong digital presence for a low-budget startup? ‪#‎Q4A‬

Three difficult things; First, Strong content development strategy that feeds into blog, social media, video and email. Secondly, search engine optimised and simple mobile site and thirdly, Patience.

#‎Questions4Abdul‬ #Q4A.

#Question5: How do I make my website mobile friendly?

First, test to see if your website is mobile friendly, using this tool -

Secondly, improve mobile friendliness, following some tips from this training, esp the mobile seo section -

Lastly, learn from this pdf, the 25 mobile design principles that wouldn't just help your mobile site become friendly, but also improve conversions -

#Question4Abdul #Q4A

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#Question3 How to advertise products online?

#Questions4Abdul #Q4A
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