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Several bags of random cables / adapters yours if you want them. Includes a lot of power, coax, phone, RJ45, USB and various power adaptors.

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I'm selling this desk if you're interested in a large computer workstation.

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Might take a while to read through all this.

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New Dev Kit launched!

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His method is definitely not traditional, yet effective

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Good intro to Rust's memory management

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Optimizing the Critical Rendering Path (CRP)... aka, what it takes to build fast mobile sites! A presentation +Dave Mankoff and myself gave at Velocity a few weeks back. Slides:

As a bonus, Dave demoed the upcoming PageSpeed Insights tool (which we'll be releasing very soon) which will help you diagnose your own sites!

Let us know what you think, or if you have any questions...

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Nice little trick
Using Browser as a Notepad

1. Open New tab and paste following code in your  browser's URL bar: data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

2. Hit enter and click on a blank page to take a quick note. 

Now you have built in notepad in your your browser.
Tip: For quick access bookmark the page.

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Miami Heat Win 2nd NBA Championship Title

#MiamiHeat   #Dealwithit  
Shared Via +reddit 

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This could be pretty useful.
DevTools port forwarding allows localhost URLs to work on mobile

+Umar Hansa shares his new workflow:
1. Chrome to Phone my localhost URL from desktop
2. Remote Debug the mobile localhost page and enable port forwarding
3. Refresh and observe that no command line was needed!

Keep in mind that Port Forwarding is an experimental feature.

Chrome to phone:
ADB Extension:

Full size animation: (6.2mb)
See +Paul Irish's Google I/O video for more cutting edge devtools features:
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