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abdul Quayyum Khan kundi
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Inshallah will be meeting with PTI members in Karachi during new few days. PTI Karachi team amazed everyone when they got over 750000 votes without any support from central leadership. I am excited to meet them and will share my findings with all of you.
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Your Articles are excellent ant thought provoking. Keep it up o improve society, if ALLAH helps you.
Dr.Salman Shakoh
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A lot of you have sent me messages about DAWN newspaper’s reporting of Sehat Ka Insaf. The newspaper has not shared any evidence of wrong doing so we have to wait for the facts to come out. But the thing that bothered me personally is that 240 million rupees are spent on advertising when our children are dying from hunger. What did this money achieved except inflating egos of some people? I hope PTI KP government will come up with explanation why such heavy amount was spent on advertising and marketing. Who made this decision and why this money was not used to provide healthcare services to the poor.
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Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) signed Charter of Medinah with people of Yathrab in which everyone got same rights of citizenship. Quran advised us to respect religious rights of others and do not use force to convert people to Islam. But we forgot all these messages and instructions. Today’s attack on Hindu temple in Larkana is sad. We wish our Hindu community happy holi celebrations. We can only make Pakistan a model Islamic state when we start respecting religion of others and provide them protection as a majority.
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PTI UK members have been sending me angry emails complaining that their elections were cancelled by notification issued by Naeem ul Haq. They feel that Naeem ul Haq acted unconstitutionally. They demanded from the Chairman and Secretary General to withdraw the postponement notification and allow the elections to be conducted on time. Today SG has posted a clarification on PTI web site to explain reasons for postponement. I hope this will satisfy PTI UK members.
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It is heartening to see that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited the home of Chairman PTI Imran Khan to form a consensus on national security issues. Peace can only be achieved when a political solution is found to the crisis in FATA. So far the focus has been on stopping the violence which is a necessary first step but it is also important that proactive measures are taken to form consensus on either converting FATA in to a province or merging it with KP. Reverting back to the old system of a political agent is not viable any more. My consultations have shown that majority in FATA prefer to become a province with its own assembly, budget and revenue.
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i request all of you from KP districts to send me information if your teachers are not coming to schools or doctors are not attending hospitals. Send me specific information about the name of these teachers or doctors, name of their school or hospital, location, and number of days they have been absent. If you could provide evidence that would be great. I am going to pass on that information to the relevant minister and ask them to take action.
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Southern Districts of KP are one of the poorest in the whole province despite many national level leaders emerging from it including Maulana Mufti Mahmood. In 2013 elections PTI won many NA and PA seats from Southern districts. But it is unfortunate that health and education ministers have not visited these districts after lapse of almost one year. I get daily reports that teachers in schools are absent and doctors in hospitals are not attending patients for months despite getting full salaries. I request PTI health and education minister to make immediate plans to visit these districts and establish complaint centers. I also request CM to allow road repair tax collected from five sugar mills in D I Khan to be spent on building farm to market roads. In last 10 years this amount is estimated to be over 550 million rupees.
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In Karak district there are complaints too about several tehsil headquarter hospitals.The district has oil and gas royalty shares though.
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Today’s Russian veto of a UN draft resolution on Crimea should remind US and European policy makers that in the past they used same tactics to protect their national interest at the cost of human sufferings and wars. UN has once again proved to be debating club of international powers to play poker with lives and interests of other nations. Today’s vote was not about interest of people of Ukraine or Crimea but strategic interests of EU, US and Russia. If these powers do not put their act together to ensure that UN becomes a truly global body to resolve conflict then this organization will start losing its members just like League of Nations earlier. When poor nation feel that UN is used to divide and punish them then they will feel it is better to be out of it then remain part of it.
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Secretary Kerry after meeting with Russian Minister Lavrov on Friday accepted that Russia has legitimate cultural, social and historic national interest in Ukraine. This is one of the most common complaints against USA from world leaders that despite accepting national interest of other nations it does not reflect it in diplomatic actions. In 2009 when the reset button with Russia was pressed to accept that the policy of NATO expansion by President Bush has raised tensions between the two countries. But that reset button was not followed by the actions and NATO continued its eastward expansion. Majority of the world accept that Russian fears are genuine and that Crimea was part of Russia for over 200 years. Despite these historic facts Russian acts to protect her national interest are considered illegitimate while Balfours declaration that established Israel based on questionable facts was considered legitimate. Even then the Balfours declaration guaranteed the rights of Palestinians which were not upheld by the West. The world will continue experiencing the manmade disaster of war as long as hypocrisy prevails in the decision of politicians.
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PTI was a party of reform and change but now it appears that electables have converted it fully into a status quo party. These electables that are now running PTI seems to have moved it quite close to the ideological position of PML N. If this continues then supporters of PTI will start asking what is the difference between these two parties and if there is no difference then why should they vote for PTI. People that gathered under the banner of PTI in last 17 years are those that felt that PPP and PML N has made Pakistan a weak country because of their inability to contain corruption; create divisions on ethnic and sectarian lines; and sold the country to the highest bidder whether it was USA or Saudi Arabia. Recent infusion of $1.5 billion from Middle East may be another fire sale by PML N. Now PTI seems to be pursuing the same path as PML N and PPP which is disappointing to many people that worked in PTI for long years with a passion for change. Reforms in PTI is important to make it once again a platform for transformation of Pakistan.
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Inshallah we will bring it back to its original ideological position Hamid Sb
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Member of Pakistan Tehrike Insaaf and founder of Interactive Ventures.
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Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan