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If you guys are on twitter, be sure to follow the community powered twitter handle, MinetestCommune (
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LOL. Give this guy a Medal!
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Inevitability? this is a bad day :'(
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After Surface and Xbox One, here is the smartwatch from Microsoft.
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Minetest 0.4.10 released!
Download :
Code :

  * 2nd/3rd person view.
  * Pause menu actually pauses singleplayer.
  * Big performance and memory usage improvements.
  * Support for Android.
  * Rewrite of the connection code.  Connection time and lag should be greatly reduced.
  * Many, many bug fixes.
  * Many new API functions and features, including a formspec table and chat command return values.
  * New nodes, chat commands, and textures for the default game.

You can see the full changelog here:
Have a look at the Getting started page in the wiki. If you have problems, read the frequently asked questions topic. From zip: Extract the zip package somewhere (be sure that you have write access - don't extract it in “Program Files”). Run the executable found in the bin/ folder.
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3rd person!
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Boo Yah
Is dat ooty ?
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This is indeed, the best short I've ever seen sob

Also, +Marco Arsenault 
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Could you spare a moment to hear the word of our lord and saviour, the open source God?
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Studying lol. =D
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Icy Man
hey boo yah i commented
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Nexus 5 HDR+: processed in hardware?

Something I read frequently is that Nexus 5 HDR+ pictures are built inside +Qualcomm new image signal processor (meaning: in a dedicated hardware chip).
However something doesn't add up. As you might have noticed, HDR+ pictures take quite a bit of time to appear in your gallery after being captured.

Because of that I guessed that most if all the processing was computed by the CPU itself.
Plus the look of the effect and how Google talks about it reminds me of +Snapseed effects; Also Google is a software company and what they do is software and not really DSP or other hardware imaging stuff.
Vendors do that for them but not them, and HDR+ doesn't work like HDR at all anyway. Well I was betting on software.

Because you've been asking for more on that, here's a bit more of a study.
I didn't went all the way to reverse-engineering but simple observations give some clues.

Here's two videos:

First one shows you the CPU utilization when shooting a couple pictures in Auto mode.
In this context, the camera hardware (aka sensor+ISP) will provide a finished JPEG to Android just like that.
The camera app will pretty much only need to write this file.
In the end I shoot in burst a sequence of 23 pics.

Second one shows you the CPU utilization when shooting in HDR+ mode.
Same thing as in Auto. I start slow so you can see the Krait 400 cores running at full speed 2.3GHz, rendering images.

Then I stress-test HDR+ implementation by shooting as quick as possible many pics. There's some shutter delay, but quickly the delay comes from the amount of time the CPU takes to process the images.
Processing those HDR+ images takes so much computations that the CPU heats up and get throttled quickly to 1.2 GHz, then 1.0Ghz and even lower.
At the same time, you can see that Google camera app have its memory usage increasing, which means it's saving images in RAM buffer in a processing queue.
Eventually the recording (limited to 180s) ends before each shot has even been processed and after that it still continues for about one minute (that you can't see)
Each time an image is finished processing, the app frees some memory associated to the source images buffered.
During queued HDR+ rendering, Camera app process uses 2 cores at 100%.

What happens is pretty simple.
Even in the hypothetical case a dedicated chip helps processing HDR+ pictures, most of the work is completed by Nexus 5 CPU inside Google Camera application.

It becomes quickly a bottleneck  which makes you wait until you can verify if your last HDR+ shot is satisfying or even worse if you shoot several in a row.
Shooting in HDR+ will also empty your Nexus 5 battery quicker.

- HDR+ is not a camera hardware feature.
- HDR+ won't be available with any third party camera app, because the code itself implementing it is inside Google closed source app.

It is probably not a Nexus 5 exclusive.
Similar multicore CPU usage behavior can be observed on S4, but for a shorter amount of time, and they're not being queued.
Let me know if you test other devices too :)
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