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Abdul Latheef Ali
Keep your staff happy if you want keep your customers happy
Keep your staff happy if you want keep your customers happy

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Is Trial and Error the Reason for PPM Feydhoo to lose Local Council Election?
Addu City Council Feydhoo Seat is won by MDP candidate. In the three local council elections held so far, PPM was silently defeated by MDP. It is believed the membership proportion between MDP to PPM in Feydhoo is 55:45 and the final score  of 2014 Septembe...

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Are you Literate, Educated, Qualified or Professional?
When talking about literacy, the first thing comes to mind
is those days I spent with old-folks to teach them functional literacy under
'Asaasee Thauleem' program. It was a wonderful experience and the time spent
with them is truly unforgettable. I still re...

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Ibrahim Didi Diligently Wins Parliamentary Election
Ibrahim Didi won the seat of  Addu City Feydhoo Constituency of 18th parliamentary election. The winning was result of conscientious efforts of his family, friends and well wishers. Soon after getting elected for a parliamentary candidate by party primary, ...

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Does MDP Inculcate Better Democratic Values Than PPM?
President Gayyoom ratified the poplar green constitution of Maldives during his last term of presidency that succeeded the proliferation of liberal democracy in the Maldives. President Nasheed, the leader of MDP, was the first democratically elected preside...

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Is Computer Based Learning Good for Maldives Schools?
A simple Google search describes virtual learning as 'e mploying information
and communication technologies to deliver instruction. Virtual learning is a
term frequently used interchangeably with distance learning, online learning,
e-learning, or Web-based ...

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Is Maradhoo Feydhoo a Union Territory?
A Union Territory is a type of administrative division in
the Republic of India. Unlike states, which have their own elected governments,
union territories are ruled directly by the union government, hence the name
'union territory'. Maradhoo Feydhoo was a ...

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Does Civil Service Commision Breach Constitution?
The simple answer may be 'YES'. It does breach constitution again and again. According to 2007 ratified Civil Service Law , Article 34, Section (Haa), Subsection 6 empowers the Commission to terminate employees if an employee breaches Civil Service law, Reg...

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Lessons for PPM from Local Council Results of Feydhoo Constituency 2014
The failure of PPM candidate during the recent local council election came out with mixed feelings. Contrary to popular belief, some of the hardcore PPM supporters were not unhappy while most of them were extremely unhappy. It is said there were few to chee...

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Who is the right parliamentary candidate for PPM Feydhoo?
Technically speaking, democracy is the governance of the people for the people by the people. Looking at this perspective it is the party primary that unveils the right candidate. Maldives at a very infant stage of the democracy it is very important to incu...

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