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Just a sneaky peek of a lovely company we'll be working with soon.

Can you guess from this clue...?
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**Are you looking for personalised business Christmas Cards?**

Add a personal touch to your business Christmas cards this year with a bespoke image and printing.

Please click the link for all our prices...
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Why choose Office 365…?
In today’s business you need technology to be available around the clock and across multiple devices, to make sure that your business continues to be productive and efficient.

Office 365 delivers just that, so that you can then deliver fast, reliable service to your customers.

The low-cost solution…
Because Office 365 is a cloud based solution, you can gain big business benefits for a low monthly cost. What’s more, there’s no costly set-up fees, expensive upgrades or lengthy set-up times.

Technology on demand…
Installation is simple. You can soon be up and running with everything from email, contacts and calendars to web-conferences and file sharing.
A solution to suit all businesses…
With Office 365 there are a variety of packages available, all designed to suit different business needs.

Safe and Secure...
Your data is automatically held safely in the cloud so in the event of a power outage, fire or theft you know your data is safe. Furthermore, you’ll have secure access to your documents on virtually any device – including smartphones.
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Branding is all about the impression you make.

If you are a small firm or a sole trader, you could be forgiven for thinking that branding is not for you, however, research shows this perception is wrong.
If you want to succeed, that impression should do two jobs - it should convey what is special about your business and it should show you in a positive light.

Of course, many small businesses make a good impression most of the time without ever giving a thought to their brand. But think how much more successful you would be if you gave a good impression all of the time.

What I am advocating is that you think about the impression you want to make - your brand - and actively take steps to manage it.
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Remote assistance is a great asset to any home user or business.

Sometimes you just get stuck or find yourself unable to do something because a file, setting or even a virus is blocking you.

Maybe there is something you want to do but just don't know how to and don't really want or necessarily need someone to physically come out and show you?
Then remote assistance is perfect for you!

This is incorporated into our Business Support IT Service or alternatively can be purchased as a standalone service.

For home and business users we charge per 15 minutes for remote support which is then paid upon completion by card or via Paypal.
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Computer networking can be a complex task, that is where we come in. We like to make it as simple as possible for you as a home or business owner to have a high quality network setup in your premises.

We use nothing less than 300Mbps wireless devices and above and always like to ensure that our ethernet connectivity uses a minimum of CAT6 cabling along with Gigabit port connectivity. Thereby ensuring less interference on the cabling and ensuring that nothing is bottle-necking your connection.

Home Network
If you are at home and have your modem router down one end or one side of the house and need network connectivity the other end there are simple solutions available whether this be wireless or wired in.

Home Office
A very common setup for us is a home office whereby you need a proper setup to ensure your business runs efficiently over the internet.

Business Networks
Whether you are a small business looking for a wired or wireless network throughout your office including network storage and/or a server or a medium to large business with multiple floors all requiring individual networks to floor based servers whilst still all storing data/accounts in a central server room. We can build a quote, implement and maintain this for you.
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Charged per hour. If you are based in the Tavistock and Whitchurch area in Devon then I can come to you! Tuition is available at your premises or at the office.

So, who needs tuition?
If you, a friend, family member, child or sibling require tuition then please feel free to get in touch.

What age do you teach from?
I teach all ages, from Primary School to elderly individuals (my oldest client is 92!)
Is my child in safe hands?
I am currently going through the CRB (now called DBS) application for your peace of mind but I have already taught children.

What operating systems do you teach?
I cover tuition for Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10

What versions of Microsoft Office do you cover?
I cover Microsoft Office 365 / Office 2013 and Office 2007.
I have a team who work for me and require tuition to provide confidence, can you help?
To put it simply, yes. I can help by coming into your work place, analyzing your teams strengths/weaknesses and then tailoring a training plan to each individual. I will then work with them to improve on the areas where they lack knowledge and understanding.

What qualification do you have?
I am a Level 2 IT Practitioner working towards my CompTia A+ and eventually working towards the CompTia Network+ qualifications to expand my own knowledge and understanding further than what is required to teach computing.
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Computer & Laptop Repairs

ABC Service can repair desktop and laptop computers whether this be operating system based or component based. Replacement parts will be sourced at the best available price. We always provide an invoice for parts which acts as part of your warranty.

Screen Repairs
Whether this be tablet, phone or laptop ABC Service uses the best quality screens available, with regards to tablets and phones we will only use original screens thereby ensuring you are getting the best quality available on the market.

Server repairs
Being such a demanding piece of equipment it needs TLC and therefore we here at ABC Service can repair/replace components as and when they become warn out.
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Here's some questions we regularly get asked to do with DATA RECOVERY...

**What devices can you recover data from?**
We can recover data from the following devices
Memory sticks (flash drives) and Hard Drives (HDD)

**What can you recover?**
ABC Service can recover all of your files using quick and efficient technology providing your hard drive is still readable.

**How can I receive my information?**
Your data can either be transferred directly from your old hard drive to the new PC/Laptop or the data can be burnt onto disc or transferred onto memory sticks / external hard drives (chargeable).

**Do you keep my hard drive (HDD)?**
Yes, we store your old hard drive for a maximum of 30 days after such time the hard drive is wiped and/or destroyed.

**What if the hard drive has failed, can I still recover my files?**
Yes, we use a third party company to do this however, this is generally only a last resort as the recovery charge on user areas can be in the hundreds of pounds.
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Virus Removal
Viruses are a nuisance more than anything, some are more serious but generally the word we would use is a nuisance. Pop-ups here and there, can't access this area, go to a web page and it re-directs to something you didn't want to see. We have a 99% success rate of removing viruses successfully from your computer devices.

Data Removal
Using professional software, we can remove your data from the hard drive for you ensuring that it is not recoverable by Joe Bloggs down the road. A certificate is issued upon completion of this service.
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