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Ventura's favorite auto repair shop
Ventura's favorite auto repair shop

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Time to review Reviews
Time to review reviews, ABC
Auto Care is the best Lexus shop in town!                     John L. You guys are
the Greatest auto mechanics !                             Robert C. The best auto repair shop in Ventura!                                      Nan...

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Thank you Ms Arroyo, you really didn't have to but they are greatly appreciated.


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Single moms day at ABC Auto Care . With the help and cooperation of AC Delco, we are able to do a lot of work free of charge to single moms. What started out as 10 participants quickly grew up once it was broadcast on the radio and television. By the end of it all, we'll be able to help around 24 single moms to get their vehicle professionally repaired. Our emphasis has been to key on safety items. Thank you AC Delco for helping Ventura moms with their vehicles

In honor of "Mother's day", "AC Delco" and ABC Auto Care are teaming up to help single mothers!
For Tomorrow 05/11/17 only, ABC Auto Care will be donating their time and expertise to help the single mothers of this county with auto repair work they may need.
All parts and labor will be generously donated by AC Delco and ABC Auto Care. For further information, please call 805 644 1238


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You too-be can be a doctor
Hello Doctor, how are you today. Well, if it isn't my favorite patient. What brings you here today? I've been feeling kind of icky in the mornings, did some research on "You tube" and found out it's just a Body code B 336 Yes,  it's a heart circuit code, pos...

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So you lost the keys to your beloved "Jetta", "Beetle" or god forbid your "Passat". But worry not, in the past your only choice was the dealer which meant lots of money and long delays. But no more, we can now code or program any key or device on your Volkswagen vehicle. From simple reprogramming to key coding, we can do it, and best of all, "Same day". "check engine light" is easy for us to diagnose with our new Volkswagen factory software and scanners.
Regardless of a diesel "VW" or a gas one, we can help you solve any problems you may have.

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LOOKING for an AUTO REPAIR SHOP? Give us a call!

Good morning, Sam, Lee, Hugo, Isaac & Team ABC

Houston, everything is a okay...all systems are a go !
That's what I would say from my Rocket Ship !
Now that I am in my Chev Cruze, I've been singing, "On the Road again"
And it's all because of you !
Thank You, Ralph

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Thank You Ralph!

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2008 Pontiac G8 We are replacing the canister control valve and have to remove the entire "rear axle" assembly and all the exhaust system as the unit is above the "differential"
If you ever wonder why "auto repair" can be so costly, this is why.
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How to tell if the “heated seats” are working.
The old fashion way was time consuming, expensive, prone to false positives and costly.
Our new forward looking infrared has the capability to “save money” for our clients.
A lot of times, we no longer have to test points in the circuit, all we have to do is take a picture of the device and we can clearly see if there is power to it or not.
“Electrical" relays, motors, fuses, switches, actuators and all other electrical devices can be tested this way at a substantial time savings.
This method works great for “air condition” issues as well.
The owner of this vehicle didn’t think the back part of the heater was working. We were able to prove otherwise very quickly.
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