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Ventura's favorite auto repair shop

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2008 Pontiac G8 We are replacing the canister control valve and have to remove the entire "rear axle" assembly and all the exhaust system as the unit is above the "differential"
If you ever wonder why "auto repair" can be so costly, this is why.
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How to tell if the “heated seats” are working.
The old fashion way was time consuming, expensive, prone to false positives and costly.
Our new forward looking infrared has the capability to “save money” for our clients.
A lot of times, we no longer have to test points in the circuit, all we have to do is take a picture of the device and we can clearly see if there is power to it or not.
“Electrical" relays, motors, fuses, switches, actuators and all other electrical devices can be tested this way at a substantial time savings.
This method works great for “air condition” issues as well.
The owner of this vehicle didn’t think the back part of the heater was working. We were able to prove otherwise very quickly.

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Meet our newest "auto mechanic"
Noah is seeking a position as a "mechanic"
in the field of "auto repair" with our company.
He brings a vast experience (a whole five months)
in the field of "infant seat safety"
He is the son of our Service Director Hugo Lira
so "automotive" runs in his veins.

Attention Veterans!

As a show of appreciation for your selfless contribution to our country,
On Veterans day, ABC Auto Care will perform a free service on your vehicle.
It will include lube oil and filter service along with the tire rotation.
A complete and thorough
inspection will be performed as well at that time.
Please call us at 805 644 1238 to make an appointment.
Let us know you are a veteran when you call.

To all Veterans, thank you for your service,,,,

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I have a problem with a large "oil leak" and the "cat" was the voice on the phone.
Once the vehicle was here, we determined the source of the leak but couldn't find anything wrong with the "catalytic converter"
. Better yet, let me show you a picture of the cat and the oil leak.
Upon seeing the picture, we fixed the oil leak and told him to talk to his wife about the cat. Case closed!

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"Hope" springs up in unusual places in the form of a carrot. While walking in the parking lot at the "auto repair" shop, we noticed this little tiny miracle and I wanted to share it with all of you.
It has managed to survive and grow despite not getting watered. I guess it's will is stronger than the drought we are currently experiencing. So if you come by for any repairs, ask me or any of our "mechanics" about it, and we will show you our little drought resistant wonder.
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Not everything your eyes see is real. In fact they are easy to fool.
You may see a "brake special" announcing "low prices" when in 
reality is only an entry level offer. The outgoing price would be
a lot higher once the work is started and your choices more limited.
Reviews may give you an accurate picture if you look at patterns more
than just a single review. So, if you are looking to have your "car 
brakes" done, demand "quality parts" to make it a "special brake job"

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If you are trying to find out "how to" get your "diesel truck" fixed or repaired, then you are going to need an "auto repair shop" in "Ventura" that can get you back on the road quickly. 
Lots of new tools, scanners and extensive training have made it possible for us to get you the best results in the least amount of time. But you must call for an appointment as the slots fill fast. 
Be proactive, make the call today!

So! what's in the picture, It's a "Ford F250" with the 6.0 turbo diesel. We had to remove the cab from the chassis in order to access the heads and the engine block.

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5 Ways to Increase Your Gas Mileage

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If you are looking for the "best mechanics" to perform "auto repair" work on your "brakes" you've
come to the right place. 
All brake jobs performed by us are done with an on the car brake lathe. This is the best and only method approved by all car manufacturers. It insures the brakes will stop as intended while being quiet and smooth. 
So give yourself a break and come on over for a "brake job" Coffee and pastries are served for those early birds
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