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Lap of Honour - recognition for the 1st and 2nd place teams and individuals in recent competitions that the ABC has participated in.

MathCounts Team 
ESEN Debate Team 
Swimming Team 
Archery medalists 
Athletics medalists 
U18 Girls Football Team 
U18 Boys Football Team 
ABC Digital Video Awards 2013 - are you ready?
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Has it come in Vista?
Summer Carnival: de 9 a.m. sábado, en adelante ¡Diversión, Juegos y Comida todo el día!
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LATEST NEWS! Congratulations to all our mathematicians for excellent performances! Well done students and Mr Clare! Wonderful result!

Individual competition
1st Gerardo Cabrera
2nd Ana Sofia Rodriguez
3rd Jose Andres Caceres
10th Regina Carbonell
16th Maria Fernanda Arteaga
17th Carlos Arturo Velasquez

MathRelay: 1st Place
MathCounts: Team A 2nd Place
Congratulations to the ABC MathRelay Team - FIRST PLACE in the Mexico competition!
Lunes 18 de noviembre, 2013 – Del ingeniero, proyecto Panamericana:
La ventana (Burger King/Biggest) se mantiene habilitada para la presente semana, sin ningún inconveniente.
También informar que a partir de este día, se ha hecho un cambio de ruta para el transporte vehicular.
Se tiene aprobado, que luego que los conductores pasen el Trébol, se incorporan en la Carretera que conduce de Santa Tecla a San Salvador, es decir en sentido contrario, sobre el paso desnivel frente al Citibank e incorporando a la Carretera Panamericana frente a la SISA y continuar el rumbo normal.
Para orientar a los conductores se encuentra la señalización correspondiente y banderilleros.
Lo que se pretende con esto es, no cerrar completamente el paso vehicular en la zona, siempre mantener un carril habilitado y desahogar la zona de Merliot y Chiltiupan.
Al existir un nuevo cambio, les informo.
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Exceptional results for the ABC Bulldogs Swimming Team - winners for the 13th year of the La Libertad department competition. Very well done to all the coaches, parents who helped and especially the swimmers themselves - we are very proud of you all.
Earth Day 2013
Rocky camping out with 4th grade - on Friday night, with all the gear (including rucksack and sleeping bag).
BACK TO THE TROPICS! Normal uniform day from Wednesday 6th March onwards...
ARCTIC DAY AGAIN - TUESDAY 5TH MARCH: Non-uniform day, come wrapped up.
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The ABC is a selective, mixed bi-lingual and bi-cultural school from Pre-Kinder to Grade 12. The student body is mainly Salvadorian with an increasing number of international students attending the school. One third of the teaching staff is British/expatriate with the remainder being largely Salvadorian.

The school is accredited by the Council of International Schools and is an International Baccalaureate World School. The language of instruction throughout the school is predominantly English with Spanish being used for a small number of classes.

Our vision is to produce responsible and outstanding citizens by living up to our motto “Effort Leads to Success”, which is why our staff encourage students to do their best in everything they do.

The ABC is an International Primary Curriculum school, follows the English National Curriculum, the University of Cambridge's International General Certificate of Secondary Education and the International Baccalaureate Diploma.