Happy New Year, friends!

My latest post on The Voice Bureau discusses 25 lessons I learned from doing business in 2012, plus the 3 commitments I've made for 2013.

Noticed as I was writing it that so many of my lessons had to do with defining a boundary or saying NO to something. (Reminds me of the title of  Bethenny Frankel's book, A PLACE OF YES, which I've not read. Am I coming from a Place of No?)

For me, boundary-setting is the temperor of my huge capacity for Input (Input is my #1 Strength on Clifton Strengths Finder). I'm naturally wired to come from a place of YES. As in, yes, I will read 10 more blog posts today, yes, I will meet with one more business acquaintance on Skype this week for a catch-up. Learning what to say NO to in a resolute, consistent, and unapologetic way is the key to my ability to focus and create from a clear space.

How about you? Do you find it more beneficial to come from a Place of Yes or a Place of No as you guide your business each week?
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