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Brand voice development for values-based business
Brand voice development for values-based business

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I'm curious as to whether Enneagram types influence learning styles. I'm a type 4 (with a pretty balanced 3-wing and 5-wing) and notice that I learn best in this order: (1) auditory, (2) reading, (3) visual, (4) hands-on. What's your Enneagram type and how would you rank your preference of the 4 learning styles?

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Is the online microbusiness echochamber getting under your skin? Is it showing up in your voice and your brand conversation? I wrote today's post in response to a need for fresh creative inspiration. The values-based microbiz pond can feel really small, but it's important to realize that the internet (and the whole, wide world of nature and creativity beyond it) is SO much bigger.

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The designer behind The Voice Bureau's own site, Allie Rice of, shares a peek into her life on last Friday's Voice Notes feature. Her lifestyle, in 3 words: "Thoughtful, graceful, grateful."

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I decided to write this post on the 5 Phases of Microbusiness Brand Development because I think it's helpful for business owners to understand where they are in their own process of growth and awareness. Haven't we all gone through these?

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Happy New Year, friends!

My latest post on The Voice Bureau discusses 25 lessons I learned from doing business in 2012, plus the 3 commitments I've made for 2013.

Noticed as I was writing it that so many of my lessons had to do with defining a boundary or saying NO to something. (Reminds me of the title of  Bethenny Frankel's book, A PLACE OF YES, which I've not read. Am I coming from a Place of No?)

For me, boundary-setting is the temperor of my huge capacity for Input (Input is my #1 Strength on Clifton Strengths Finder). I'm naturally wired to come from a place of YES. As in, yes, I will read 10 more blog posts today, yes, I will meet with one more business acquaintance on Skype this week for a catch-up. Learning what to say NO to in a resolute, consistent, and unapologetic way is the key to my ability to focus and create from a clear space.

How about you? Do you find it more beneficial to come from a Place of Yes or a Place of No as you guide your business each week?

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Last week we surveyed our readership and learned that one of their Top 3 business and brand goals for 2013 (out of a very lengthy list from which to choose) was: "Growing my readership, community, or tribe." +Tami Smith (my collaborative partner for Empathy Marketing) and I were talking about why this might be. After all, not everyone is naturally wired to love community -- or are they? Or is the desire for a bigger tribe/readership/community really about the assumption that revenues will grow as audience grows, or the inkling that more blog comments will make one feel better about his efforts with his business?

So today's blog edition of The Voice Bureau Asks hands the mic back to our readers. We want to know: why do YOU want a tribe?

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Friends, I'd love to hear from you in The Voice Bureau's new Reader Survey. Do you have 7 minutes to contribute your thoughts on your needs & interests as a business owner and brand creator?

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Headshot from the series for the upcoming site debut. Launch date: November 1st!
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