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Teller of Tales, Lover of Life
Teller of Tales, Lover of Life

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You can’t give-a-way love, but on #goodreads you have a chance to get a free copy of my new release— Cocoon of Cancer: An Invitation to Love Deeply.
Goodreads members visit here to enter:

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COLOR OF LIES: A Novel of Environmental Intrigue and Personal Healing

Near the Pacific Northwest wilderness, four victims of a toxic waste cover-up must face their own “white lies” to stop the perpetrator. This is a story of a small town dealing with issues of hate, deception, greed, and selfishness. Color of Lies exposes the weaknesses and strengths of individuals who wisely come together to restore the balance of their lives and that of the community.

Reunite with two characters from Abbe Rolnick’s first novel, River of Angels.

#Fictionbooks #PacificNorthWest

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RIVER OF ANGELS: A Novel of Culture and Conflict on a Caribbean Island

Set on a tropical island in the Caribbean, River of Angels celebrates Latino culture while chronicling the intertwined stories of people caught between society’s expectations and their true selves.

This captivating novel explores contemporary issues of drug
dealing, prostitution, urban growth, and environmental destruction while vividly portraying complicated relationships in which nothing is as simple as it seems.

#Fiction #JoyIsAChoice #LatinoLife

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Cocoon of Cancer: AN INVITATION TO LOVE DEEPLY is a book of inspiration for those diagnosed with cancer, their caregivers, and family. Writing in “real time,” the patient and caregiver offer an insider’s look at how life changes forever when the word cancer is uttered. A realistic and hopeful work, it keeps one centered and also provides tips on how to manage life and illness.

#joyisachoice, #healingthoughts, #cancercargivers
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