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The Republican Party is attempting to make Benghazi a midterm issue, again.
      The main reason is because of the news that the unemployment rate has dropped to 6.3%, 288,000 jobs were created last month alone, and the Affordable Care Act is working—all without the Republican Party’s help.  In other words, they have been wrong about everything and have absolutely nothing to take back to their constituents.

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You may have noticed the GOP wants to make Benghazi a midterm issue, again. With the ACA's success and job numbers improving, what else do they have?
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The Dems haven't announced members to the select committee yet, but if they boycott the process it enables a "partisan witch hunt" narrative that may resonate with independents.
+Dean Barnett Independents are more likely to listen to both sides telling a story and so less likely to be influenced by an obviously partisan group.  (... At least all of them I know.)
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