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Hey Webmasters! Our research team is looking to interview website owners to learn about their experiences with the Search Console. Please fill out this short survey to indicate your interest, and if there’s an opening, we’ll reach out to you soon!

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Google Search Conference Pune is underway. A big thanks to everyone who showed up.

Google search संमेलनात आपल्या सर्वांचे हार्दिक स्वागत!


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Crea+e: Learn & Create
Everything about Learning & Creating with Google

+ Google News Lab >
The News Lab collaborates with journalists and entrepreneurs to build the future of media. Trust & Verification.

+ Google Contributor >
Allowed users in the Google Network of content sites to view the websites without any advertisements that are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.

+ A.I. Experiments with Google >
Explore machine learning by playing with pictures, language, music, code, and more.

+ Google Play Newsstand Producer >
News aggregator and digital newsstand

+ Blogger >
Create a unique and beautiful blog. It's easy and it's free.

+ Google Daydream >
Simple, high quality virtual reality. Daydream takes you on incredible adventures in virtual reality. Get ready to immerse yourself in all the things you love.

+ Google Tango >
Tango lets you see more of your world. Just hold up your phone, and watch as virtual objects and information appear on top of your surroundings. So no matter where you are, there's always a richer, deeper experience to engage with, explore and enjoy. You'll see.

+Google Street View >
Explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders, and step inside locations such as museums, arenas, parks and transport hubs. Publish. Earn.

+ Google Local Guides >
Local Guides is a global community of explorers sharing their discoveries on Google Maps. Help others find the best spots in town, make new friends, and unlock exclusive benefits along the way.

+ Google News Lab >
The News Lab collaborates with journalists and entrepreneurs to build the future of media.

+ Post with Google >
Publish on Google. Verified individuals and organizations can now communicate with text, images and videos directly on Google. Creating content is fast and simple, and once published, posts will appear instantly in search results related to the publisher. Each post can also be shared on popular social networks.

+ Digital Academy >
Be more digitally-savvy. Build the skills and capabilities they need to stay ahead in the rapidly changing digital world and transform the way their people & businesses operate.

+ Google Webmasters >
Track your site's search performance with Google Search Console and browse around for Google Webmasters support, learning and community resources.

+ Google Usability >
Google User Experience Research Studies. Help shape the future of Google products

+ SketchUp >
The easiest way to draw in 3D

+ Tilt Brush >
Painting from a new perspective: Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality. Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

+ Google Fonts >
Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography.

+ Google Noto Font >
Google has been developing a font family called Noto, which aims to support all languages with a harmonious look and feel.

+ Google Design >

+ Google Creative Lab >

+ Google Web Designer >
Create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on any device.

+ The Digital Garage >
Boost your digital knowledge. Free courses on everything from search to social media, to help you grow your business or career.

+ Google Drawings >
Choose from a wide variety of shapes to create diagrams and charts.

+ Google Expeditions >
Bring Your Lessons To Life: imagine exploring coral reefs or the surface of Mars in an afternoon. With Expeditions, teachers can take students on immersive, virtual journeys.

+ Google Classroom >
Classroom is a new tool in G Suite for Education that helps teachers create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently, and easily communicate with their classes. 

+ YouTube Edu >
Whether you're doing research for a project, need help with homework, or just want to learn something new, YouTube EDU features some of our most popular educational videos across YouTube.

+ YouTube for Artists >

+ YouTube Creators >
The official home for creator resources and benefits available to help you make great videos, find your audience, and grow your channel on YouTube.

+ YouTube Capture >
Create beautiful movies on the go

+ YouTube Space >
YouTube Spaces bring together the most creative people on YouTube to learn, connect and create with one another. The Spaces can be found across the globe offering events, workshops, as well as the latest production resources to help bring your biggest ideas to life.

+ YouTube NextUp >
Learn to create better videos, get more subscribers and take your channel to the next level with the YouTube NextUp contest. Winners get access to a weeklong Creator Camp at YouTube Spaces and other awesome prizes.

+ YouTube for Good >
Tell your organization's story through videos on YouTube

+ Made with Code >
Code is a tool that lets you write your story with technology. If you can code, you can communicate your ideas with a computer or a program so they can be brought to life in bigger, brighter, and more creative ways.

+ Firebase >
App success made simple.The tools and infrastructure you need to build better apps and grow successful businesses

+ TensorFlow >
An open-source software library for Machine Intelligence

+ Accelerated Mobile Project >
AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a Google-backed project designed as an open standard for any publisher to have pages load quickly on mobile devices._

+ Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool >

+ Google for Education >
_A solution built for teachers and students

+ Google Open Online Education >
Teach. Inspire. Scale.

+ Google Online Marketing Challenge >
The Google Online Marketing Challenge is a unique opportunity for students to experience and create online marketing campaigns using Google AdWords.

+ Academy for Ads >
On-the-go education for Google ads. Academy for Ads helps you learn about Google's ad products to give you the skills you need to succeed on the web.

+ Earth Outreach >
You want to change the world. We want to help.

+ Google Ad Grants >
Share your cause with the world.

+ Google One Today >
Create a culture of giving, every day.

+ Google Impact Challenge >
Working together to build a more inclusive world.

+ Google for Nonprofits >
The world is yours to change. We're here to help.

+ Google org >

+ Google Accessibility >
Everyone should be able to access and enjoy the web.

+ Google Diversity >


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Whether you're using a Content Management System or e-commerce platform to build your site, one of the easiest things you can do to keep your site safe is to keep up with updates.
Set auto-updates where possible, and sign up for security announcements when available. Don't waste time when updates are available. Leaving your site vulnerable means it's only a matter of time before it's compromised. #NoHacked

Here are a few security resources from common CMSs and e-commerce platforms:


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Please join us for a Webmaster Office Hours Hangout in Hindi/English at 11:00 AM tomorrow[Thursday, Nov 24]

You may add the questions here in the comment section, we'll answer them during the session.

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How can Google Search Console help you #AMPlify your site? #AcceleratedMobilePages

Find answers here:
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Check out a Q&A where Google Anti-abuse Research Lead +Elie Bursztein discusses some of the research that goes into making Gmail safe.
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We collected a few questions from news publishers related to HTTP to HTTPS site moves, but some of the answers are relevant to all webmasters who are considering going secure.
If you have more questions you'd like to see answered, we're listening!

Q: Should I move my site all at once to HTTPS, or bit by bit?
A: We recommend initially moving just a piece of the site to test any effects on traffic and search indexing. After that you can move the rest of your site all at once or in chunks.
When choosing the initial test section of the site, pick a section that changes less frequently and isn't significantly affected by frequent or unpredictable events.
Also keep in mind that while moving just one section is a great way to test your move, it's not necessarily representative of a whole site move when it comes to search. The more pages that you move, the more likely you'll encounter additional problems to solve. Careful planning can minimize problems.

Q: How long should I run my trial?
A: Plan for a few weeks to allow for crawling and indexing to pick up changes, plus time to monitor traffic.

Q: Even though we are starting with only a section, we plan to make the entire site available on HTTPS. To avoid indexing of the HTTPS content early, should we use redirects or rel=canonicals?
A: With redirects in place, you won't be able to test those pages from a technical point of view, so we'd recommend using rel=canonical.

Q: We reference our HTTP sitemaps in robots.txt. Should we update the robots.txt to include our new HTTPS sitemaps?
A: We recommend separate robots.txt files for HTTP and HTTPS, pointing to separate sitemap files for HTTP and HTTPS. We also recommend listing a specific URL in only one sitemap file.

Q: Which sitemap should map the section in the HTTPS trial?
A: You can create a separate sitemap just for the updated section of your site. This will enable you to track indexing of the trial section more precisely. Be sure not to duplicate these URLs in any other sitemaps, though.

Q: Are there any other specific things we need to add to the robots.txt for the HTTPS version?
A: No.

Q: Our HTTPS site redirects non-migrated pages back to HTTP. What should our sitemaps list? Should we list in our sitemaps both the HTTP and HTTPS URLs? What if in the test section the HTTP URLs redirect to HTTPS?
A: List all HTTP URLs in your HTTP sitemap, and all HTTPS URLs in your HTTPS sitemap, regardless of redirects when the user visits the page. Having pages listed in your sitemap regardless of redirects will help search engines discover the new URLs faster.

Q: If we set includeSubDomains in our HSTS header, which domains will that affect?
A: After you migrate your entire site to HTTPS, you can support HSTS preloading for extra security. To enable this, you must set the includeSubDomains directive in the HSTS header.
If the site serves an HSTS header with includeSubdomains set, then it will apply to and, but not or
Keep in mind however that HSTS adds complexity to your rollback strategy. Our recommendation is this:
1. Roll out HTTPS without HSTS first.
2. Start sending HSTS headers with a short TTL. Monitor your traffic both from users and other clients, and also dependants' performance, such as ads.
3. Slowly increase the HSTS TTL.
If HSTS doesn't affect your users and search engines negatively, you can, if you wish, ask your site to be added to the Chrome HSTS preload list (

Q: We use a single Google News sitemap for our entire site. What do we do if we're migrating our site piece by piece?
A: If you want to use a Google News sitemap for the new HTTPS section, you will have to contact the News team ( to let them know about the protocol change, and then in your HTTPS property in Search Console you can submit a new Google News sitemap ( for each migrated HTTPS section of the site.

Q: Are there any specific recommendations for Google News Publisher Center ( with HTTPS migration?
A: Google News Publisher Center handles the HTTP->HTTPS moves transparently. In general you don't have to do anything from Google News perspective, unless you're also making use of News sitemaps. In that case, please get in touch with the News team and let them know about the change, You can also let the team know about changing sections, for example in case you're moving to HTTPS, you can specify that you're moving to .
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We're hosting this month's office hours next Tuesday at 11:00 AM. Please add your questions to the Q&A app in the event.
All Indian Webmasters are invited to join us for a Webmaster Central hangout at 11:00 IST next Tuesday :)

Add your questions to this event page, this session is open to anything webmaster related like crawling, indexing, mobile sites, internationalization, duplicate content, Sitemaps, Webmaster Tools, pagination, duplicate content, multi-lingual/multi-regional sites, etc.

This is a Hangout on Air on Google+. It works best with a webcam + headset. You can find out more about Hangouts and how to participate at

Feel free to drop by - we welcome webmasters of all levels!

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Have a problem with a Google product? Here is how forum escalations work

+John Mueller explained how escalations work in the official +Google Webmasters help forum:

And usually what happens there is that the top contributors, rising stars, the more active people in the forums, they'll take these threads. And if they can't figure it out on their own they'll it escalated to us and, someone on Google side will get back to them and say, oh, they have to do this, this or, this. Or maybe we'll go to the thread directly and say, oh, you need to do kind of this. Or maybe we'll just take that escalation, say, OK we'll fix this on our side manually, with the manual web spam team to kind of make sure that this problem is solved.

In my experience, that's pretty much how it works in other Google Product Help Forums as well.

Here are some tips:

1. Clearly explain your issue, including all the relevant details

(which details are relevant will vary from product to product - for Webmasters include the website URL, for Hangouts include the app or your browser details, etc)

2. If a Top Contributor, Rising Star or other expert asks for more details provide them

You may not realize which details are important. And even if you feel like you provided all the necessary information, the forum experts may ask for clarification to be sure they fully understand what you are reporting.

3. Remember people are trying to help, so try not to take out your anger on them

Top Contributors are not Google Employees, and we definitely didn't cause the problem you are experiencing.

4. Don't expect a direct response from a Google employee

In my experience Googlers rarely respond directly to user questions. Count on the forum experts to relay your question or report a bug to staff.

Fnd all the official Google Product help forums, from AdSense to YouTube!home

There is also a link to each help forum from the relevant help center. Look at the top right above any Google help article for the Forum or Community link.

+Barry Schwartz has the discussion clip here:
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