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Better Jobs. Better Life
Better Jobs. Better Life

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Don’t Hire Based on First Impressions

Their laptop broke down the night before, or the bus was late, or something else happened so that the interview just didn’t go the way they had planned.

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Why your driver is looking for a better job online?

Aasaanjobs' app lets the job aspirant view all job listings. Once an employer and job seeker are matched using an algorithm, Aasaanjobs schedules interviews for the candidates.

#Driver #JobSearch #Online +The Times of India 

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Science of Hiring: Visualization of Decision

There is a remarkable change in technology, and the talent acquisition industry is changing with it. Every talent acquisition expert wants to evaluate candidate profiles before interviewing and there are recruitment tools that help recruiters do that.

#Recruiting #Employees #Hiring #HR +Careers Unbound 

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Failing At Retaining Your “A+” Players?

A recent research study conducted by Harvard Business Review on leadership transitions demonstrates that nearly 40% of internal job moves, made by people identified by their companies as “high potentials”, end in failure.

#Top #Employee #Retaintion #HR +Careers Unbound 

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5 Leadership Lessons One Could Take From The High Sparrow

What the deceased High Sparrow could teach us about leadership, Read on!

#leadership #mentor #HR #management #gameofthrones

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Embrace and onboard talented employees for your organisation. Wishing everyone a very happy Eid Mubarak!

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How to Craft a Culture that Will Attract Millennials

With millennials making up a significant chunk of the workforce today, it’s important that employers take into consideration what attracts them to a company, what motivates them and what encourages them to stay in a job.

#Millennials #Work #Culture +Undercover Recruiter 

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The Super Easy Way to Motivate a Team With Low Morale (That Doesn't Involve Buying Them Lunch)

Many of the employees I interviewed said that their superiors were quick to let them know what they were doing wrong, but were almost never inclined to tell them what they were doing right.

#motivation   #Employees   #team  +The Muse 

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Should You Hire A Superstar Who is Toxic?

Every organization wants superstar employees and some will even delay the hiring process weeks or even months until that perfect candidate blips on the radar.

#Hire #Recruit #HR +Hire-Intelligence 

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How to Use Data for Better Recruitment

How do you tell your VP, CHRO or CEO the true story of what’s happening behind the scenes of your recruitment operations?

#UndercoverRecruiter   #Recruitment #Data
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