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The individual Google+ propaganda poster.
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That is all sorts of awesome.

As a native Russian speaker, though, my head nearly exploded trying to read the caption :D
I love the Russian Constructivist style. A brilliant piece!
I must admit I can't quite make out the caption. "All must be shared to ? the ?". Might be the fact that I am a native Russian speaker is getting in the way.

I love the graphic style, even if I don't yet "get it". Good job!
It's striking, but I'm with Eugene. Toys "Ya" Us was jarring.
Shouldn't "All must be shared to win the war" be the slogan for the Facebook poster?
Very neat. But being a Google fanboy I'm a little disheartened that G+ is the soviet one. But still really neat
For Google I was expecting you to focus on Orwell's "plus" friendly Newspeak in 1984, as in "doubleplusgood duckspeaker"
Big fan of this poster! How do I get my hands on one? :)
Хорошо! - Excellent!

I can see possibilities for similar treatment of the Soviet WW2 "НЕ БОЛТАЙ!" (Nye Boltay - Do Not Talk) poster. See
The smaller text in the upper right
Будь на чеку, в такие дни подслушивают стены. Недалеко от болтовни и сплетни до измены.
roughly says (using English idiom):
"Be on the alert, these days the walls have ears (lit. "listening wall"). Treason is not far from chatter and gossip."
This is my favorite. Conceptually, graphically, style mimicry, and the most awesome Google+ logotype .... Every single one of your series are brilliant. This one actually IS a work of art, a true cultural artifact, and no doubt in my mind any curator worth her or his salt would pull this into a collection. .................... While many of the others are genius and clever, this is iconic, and in a single frame could emblemize close to a decade's worth of history on the new playing field............. and whether intentional or not, it extends beyond the social media realm and into the OS wars directly into the heart of Open Source vs closed, and ooen source has always been at the heart of the android OS, the other front of the War........ in Fact i just realized....... That is what moves this further..... 3 fronts to the Millenial War:..... MUSIC sharing. FRIEND Sharing. And Open vs Proprietary and Pre-filtered. ................................... Unlike the person way above, I find the Soviet imagery amazingly Imaginative, liberating and not the least bit literal. ...........................
And by the way, i'd be remiss in not saying: Anyone who would read literalism into that would likely be a Fox News viewer worried that America has gone socialist -- the most absurd meme of the 21st century.
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