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All 9 posters, for your viewing pleasure. :)
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You should add this to your list of posters. Just one big one with all the other images on it.
Recruiting posters in the era of Three Kingdoms:)
I would seriously buy these on t-shirts. Ever thought of Cafe Press? I'll bet you'd have loads of customers. Mouse pads, coffee cups, stickers etc.
+Heidi Ferrell, I've considered CafePress in the past, but their costs are just too high for items. :(
Is Zazzle a better possibility? Though, when W was making his bumpersticker, he found their website excruciating to navigate.
Yeah, both CP and Zazzle aren't very user friendly. lol
A Pity... 'cause they both have so much potential!
Zazzle would probably pull them because they have insane 'copyright' restrictions (it's absurd). I agree though. These would absolutely rock on t-shirts and magnets.
I forget who said it, but their take on google's victory poster said "We +won!" and that is brilliant.
Ohyeah, I forgot about Zazzle's attitude on such things...
These are so great. I just made them wallpaper on my computer (dual monitors). Next up, you should put together some for the check-in services FourSquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places, SCVNGR
“All mtsst baa shayazd to schii thaa schaya!” — this is how third poster reads to Cyrillic-aware people.
If you haven't already, these would make fun pins/buttons.
+Denise Smedley, I'd love to get shirts made, but CafePress charges approx. $15.99 for a tshirt. I'd have to mark them up a lot to make any kind of profit from them. :(
Instead of CafePress or Zazzle, both over priced and highly cautious when it comes to intellectual copyright, why not threadless? Not only would I vote this stuff up big time, I'd venture a guess that a lot of us "plussers" would. And consequently, I know for a fact that I'd buy a shirt (or two or three) with these designs on them. Can't hurt to submit, no? 
you could sell them as posters on etsy! i want to buy them as posters! so great!
+Forest Dukes, threadless uses screen printing, which my designs are not set up for. I'd have to really rework them all and they'd lose their "retro" feel. :(
Oh, that I didn't know. Well, your stuff is great and I appreciate you sharing. I'll have to head over to etsy and do some supporting of ya! When (not if) shirts are available I'm sure you'll let us know. 
I really love them — the only one that i'm a bit iffy on/ a bit confused by is the Google + victory banner it just doesnt have the same appeal as the others, but on the whole, really nice work
+Elle Cardenas, thanks for the compliments! I meant the G+ one to be subtle about the victory. It definitely has a different feel to it. The banners each represent a color in the +1 logo and a couple other things on G+. :)
ah- thanks for the explanation, and again, amazing job overall— I remember sharing it out with everyone in my office when you first posted these. keep up the good work!
You're brilliant. Thanks for sharing your talent!
I echo Mrs Fours above me.... Now if you could just address this, from your profile, I would be much obliged:

(( I've been struck by lightning 3 times. ))

the whole collection is just brilliant, love them all thumbs up
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