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I made this after seeing people's terrible reactions to some of the other social media out there. Please share this.
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I still don't like facebook, but I do like this image. :)
Thanks .... got to share this ... [:-)
I'm just left wishing there was 2 other social networks beginning with i and h. ;)
Cafe press that sucker. Foget about it. Hahahaha
Is such a great inspiration, I wish there were the I and the H :-)
I don't see it as fighting, but rather like fans aligning with their favorite sporting teams. There's a lot of good-natured trash talk flying. Competition is good!
I thought H was H3G. Couldn't figure out I was ICQ
Totally agree with what Dax said, I don't see they (Twitter, G+ and Facebook) fighting at all. What I'm seeing is a big opportunity of growth through the innovation, and we, users, have much to win from this "fight".
Nooooo. Fighting is good. Fighting = competition = better services for us mere mortals.
I love the graphic. It's clever and appeals to my inner flower-child/Buddhist spirit.

So, personally, I'm not asking for a fight. Facebook is just abusive. I will not be abused anymore.

I don't really have complaints about how Twitter treats its users. Twitter doesn't do evil. Google at least tries to not do "evil." Facebook just hopes that no one catches on to the evil that they do.

I do not (and will not) use Facebook as part of my daily social media routine because they have proven to me over and over again (by opting me into features that undo privacy partitions I've worked hard to keep up) that FB has no respect for its users and only sees users as a herd to be milked for billions.

I'm sure I'm not alone in this - I don't like being herded. I don't like being bullied by software companies. I don't like my trust being trampled & taken for granted over and over again. I hope that my friends, family and acquaintances will recognize that FB is unremorsefully abusive of our trust and our privacy.

Businesses that give me options other than Facebook for interacting with them win my loyalty. Sort of like businesses that give my family the option of iPhone & Android app (as we are a mixed-mobile family).

As Facebook keeps throwing punches, I'm not suggesting a bitter struggle but rather that we fight back by simply leaving. As I see it, FB just isn't that into us, otherwise they'd treat us better. They had their chance.

I'm moving on. I've found myself a real innovator.
Hi Aaron... Can I use this in a post and credit you somehow?
+Kelly Loubet, yes you can. Just hit "share" and it should automatically tag me in it. :)
Unfortunately the war is inevitably
+Solveigh Calderin , what you say is perfect and (unfortunately) its true only in perfect world. But we live in real one :(
+Romeo Ninov - accepting the so called "real world", which we (also by using such words like war everywhere) created by ourselves, doesn't allow any changes! The dreamer about the ideals are those, who change the world. The "realists" always cement the status quo!
P.S. "Only who strives for perfection, can get excellence" - I forgot, who was the author of this quote... Nevertheless it's worth to live it.
I meant may I use it in a blog post? Let me know! Thanks Aaron!
That's perfect, Kelly! Thanks. :)
Can I have one that says: Fight! Fight! Fight! please :)
It is a fight, unfortunately, because all of the social networks (even twitter, though to a lesser degree) are data silos. It's to each's advantage to keep you within the network. Sharing outside the network is discouraged, because it pulls page clicks away from the site and that means a loss of revenue.

The original social network on the Internet is still around. It's called the Internet. When these others are as open, then we'll have something.
Right, +Don Faulkner for this reason a go and work together was 1,000 time better than fighting each other. I this as a waste of energy... All have their advantages and all are a different. Why they have to fight? All could gain enough. Although I understand, what happens, because unfortunately money (and data collecting is pure cash) and greed is the only criteria behind all these wonderful sites...
Welcome to the real world. Emergency exits are here and here. Enjoy your journey! :D
so anybody can accept a fight for g+ ? just met mobiles + dsl + fb: the so called pay per fb
Great, really, and: what about "let's fight together"? Lots of things to fight for out there, and out here.
Let the F*i*G*h*T begins!
Yes facebook always but it's the net for dummies way. That's why i got advices from all sn everyday. Fb must face net competition every day as any net related product.
Harry K
congrats on 1000 shares. very much deserved. incredibly creative!
nice art, want print at t-shirt
+ Thom Holcomb well said. Never enjoyed the FB experience, but G+ its just so much better, just for starters easier controls... 
semua ada kelebihan masing-masing.. yang menggunakannya pun punya alasan tersendiri
agree to what the image says
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