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I am supposed to interview an industry professional on how they started
and what advice they would give to a new designer just starting their career.

So, here goes.

How did you get started with web design and development?
(I'm aware you don't have the same goals / experiences I do and I've got to start somewhere)

Where do you see supporting technologies heading in the next 10-15 years where web development is concerned?

What all is required to keep a team motivated and focused from project beginning to end?

(and finally)
Where assistive technologies are concerned for the disabled, how do you view development on a site that's meant to be fully accessible? Is it worth the extra work to make these adjustments in project development?

Please respond to

If possible, I would appreciate it if you would be able to respond by this Wednesday. Any format will work, as long as I can hand it in by Wednesday.
Aaron J Wisti

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Awesome work from an awesome artist! Of course I'm voting favorably. I'm biased, and her younger brat!

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El gatito tambien ve la ilusion optica  .....JiJiJi ....
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Cool follow me if u like it

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Thanks to my brother, Random Geek, for sharing this.

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Dogs are decent (4 footed) people, too!
Originally shared by ****
PLEASE SHARE <- share, not plus!

My sister rescued this dog, Scarlett, from a horribly abusive neighbor. He beat Scarlett constantly, she lived trapped in a crate day and night, in her own waste. She was subject to the elements around the clock and every season. Barely fed, she often ate leaves just to survive.
Despite all that, Scarlett is one of the sweetest, happiest dogs I have ever known.
She didn't even know how to be a dog. She had never been on a walk, was never played with, no idea what running felt like. She had been an abused prisoner for the first two years of her life.

My sister has been paying $900 a month to board, train and rehabilitate Scarlett, for well over a year now. Los Angeles has so many dogs available for adoption and the competition is huge.
My sister has depleted her savings, and is using credit just to keep Scarlett alive and well.

We need your help.

If you know anyone in CA, AZ or NV who wants to adopt a dog, please tell them about Scarlett. She needs a loving home with people who understand what she's been through and will keep up on her training. Scarlett is a very happy dog, she is a great listener and is very well trained.
Scarlett is not good with other dogs but is being socialized under supervision and it's going well. Scarlett is a bit too strong & playful for kids under 13 though.

Check the link for details and contact them on how to adopt Scarlett.

Thank you! Please share!

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Batter Up!
2014 Men's CWS - Louisville & Vanderbilt      A baseball game, courtesy of 1620 AM - The Zone . Thank you, Joanne, for giving me the heads-up and telling Tina & I that your boyfriend was working at the ballpark tonight. I caught the game sometime after it h...
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