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Well, that happened (spoiler alert: loss of control starts at 2:09).

Is there any way to get rid of the "You may know" box on google+ outside of a userscript? I have no interest in expanding my circles and being coerced to do so all the time.

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Look. My cat is running away from me but she got stuck.

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My first time lapse video, and I guess my first youtube upload too. This is a boring video.

Maybe I'm just stupid, but I added a video from google plus, it uploaded, and it got attached to nothing, and can be found nowhere.

That j/k paging works in google+ I think pushes it over edge. Death to facebook.

And, as part of my ongoing meta-conversation, I'm noticing that the average conversation stream and content on + is far less inane than on facebook. This may just be an artifact of the early adopters and the population that entails, but keep it up.

So, what I'm getting at is whether or not it feels hacky and incomplete, I consistently like plus better already. Long live the +.

So I guess there are a few million more people on this than last time I checked. It's a cleaner simpler facebook at the moment, and most of the population I care about has showed up.

The biggest problem is I don't want to have to check two more or less isomorphic products, so I need to pick either this or facebook and let usage of the unpicked option die off. People already have the nasty habit of doing the same things in two places, so the two are largely redundant, but it's far more easy to ignore the people I don't actually give a flying fuck about here, so that's nice.

So, there's a ton more people on plus now. In general, it's less irritating than facebook. Will it get enough momentum to "win?" I have no idea. I'm starting to hope so, strangely.

So what happens to Buzz; is this seamlessly buzz-integrated or is it yet another google bolt-on that doesn't play with the rest of its products?
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