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Aaron Toponce

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I'm hosting the PGP Keysigning Party at OpenWest 2014, and thought how much I really wanted to have "randomart" at the party. The idea is simple: create a randomart for PGP keys that is similar in nature to SSH key randomart.

The code is here:

Sample output can be found here:

This isn't meant to be a replacement to reading fingerprints at keysigning parties. It could be used in addition to, however. Interested in feedback.
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Aaron Toponce

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Who can tell me what drive connector this is? I think it's Ultra320 SCSI, but I'm not sure.

I have a computer that shreds hard drives, and occasionally I get these babies, with no ability to digitally shred them.

I would like to find a PCI card that I can install in my machine, so I can hook them up easily, shred them, and unplug.
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Remember, there are VALID TECHNICAL REASONS why you must periodically sacrifice a goat to your scsi chain.
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DO NOT use the #lastpass  HeartBleed scanner to make yourself feel safe. The scanner uses the issue date of the SSL certificate on the site to determine if the site is vulnerable or not. Any site with an SSL certificate issued after 4/7 will show as safe even if they are still vulnerable!

LastPass has been notified of this multiple times and they refuse to update their tool.

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Aaron Toponce

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After all this talk of Heartbleed, passwords and two-factor authentication, I finally decided to add two-factor authentication to all of my personal SSH servers using the "libpam-google-authenticator" module. Don't let the module name confuse you. It's actually a complete implementation of the TOTP RFC 6238 specification and the HOTP RFC 4226 specification. It doesn't call home, doesn't require a Google account, and is fully Free and Open Source Software.

After getting all my SSH servers enabled with two-factor authentication, I changed my OTP Android application from Google Authenticator to FreeOTP, developed by Red Hat.

This app is one killer app. It's Free and Open Source Software, unlike Google Authenticator, and has better screen management for multiple accounts, which I have, and has increased security, in that the codes are not displayed by default. You must tap the OTP refresh for that account to see the code.

FreeOTP is a two-factor authentication (2FA) application for systems utiliz...
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+Robert Wall You may have luck with Helium by the Clockworkmod team. I use it with my un-rooted Nexus 7.
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Sites that support 2-factor authentication.

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Aaron Toponce

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Also, while updating your account passwords due to  #heartbleed , it would probably be a good idea to delete some accounts as well.
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Aaron Toponce

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I'm seeing a lot of suggestions to change your passwords NOW. Personally, I would check that the site is no longer affected by #heartbleed  before making the change.
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Senior Linux Systems Administrator
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    Systems Engineer, 2011 - 2011
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    Systems Administrator, 2009 - 2011
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Suracuse, UT
Ogden, UT - Layton, UT - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Storage architect, cloud engineer, system administrator.
I'm a Debian GNU/Linux user for all my computers as my main operating system of choice. I'm an advocate of Free Software and find proprietary software and software patents evil.

I am a Applied Mathematics major and Computer Science minor, with an emphasis towards software engineering. I study Cryptography as a hobby. In my spare time, when I'm not on computers, I'm with my family hiking, playing games or watching movies.

Professionally, I'm a Linux and Unix Systems Administrator for a local ISP. I maintain hundreds of servers, both physical and virtual, help maintain and engineer the network, several VLANS, and much, much more.

Last, but certainly not least, I am an Amateur Radio enthusiast. My callsign is a vanity call, AE7ST. It's super short on CW (reasonably short, at any event), has a good ring to it, and is one of the few 2x2 calls available. Check me out at
  • Weber State University
    Mathematics, 2011
  • Weber State University
    Computer Science, 2011
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