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Writer, paper-pusher, snarky
Writer, paper-pusher, snarky

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Bit hyperbolic, but still a good read. 

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I wrote a thing.

This time yesterday, I was letting myself get freaked out by not hearing back from any of the applications I've got out, trying to think if I could get the better of pyramid schemes (I came to the conclusion that that would be a very dumb thing to try), and generally just thinking "oh God oh God oh God."

Today, though, got an informational interview session thing with Jama Software scheduled for Monday, submitted a couple of pieces, and wrote the rough draft of a 1,500 word story in the morning.

Think that might've been the problem.

I hadn't written in a while.

Now the universe is like, "Good. He hasn't forgotten about that writing thing."


Wherein I have some serious thoughts about Beethoven.

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Gonna try and get started on this whole blogging thing - again...

Agh. Fine, Google. I'll use my real name on YouTube. I surrender.

So, I'm looking at starting up an editing/script consulting side-business. Anyone have any suggestions on initial steps?

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Job hunting!

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After literally putting +Josh Robinson through a torture akin to stuff in the Salem Witch Trials, Wanton Walrus Productions is pleased to announce that we finally figured out how not to get destroyed by international shipping rates.

We've added two tiers - The Intercontinental and The Frequent Flier - to the project, and included an extra $10 to cover the cost of shipping.

Head on over and check it out! 

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[Flourish of trumpets]

Super pleased to announce the Kickstarter for Cards: The Attackening! The brainchild of +Josh Robinson  and I, this game is totes rad. It is also mathtastic.

It is, put shortly, an easy-to-learn and almost excruciatingly fun card game, made up of a total of just under 100 cards consisting of Attackeners, Items, Weapons, Pets, and Twists of Fate.

Utilizing your trusty six-sided, three-dimensional object (a die), some luck, and, well, cards, do battle against friends and foe - shortly one and the same. 

Card art is by a fella named Kyle Olson, who is wicked awesome at this whole pixel art stuff.

More info over at the Kickstarter page - and drop me a line here if you have questions!
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