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Aaron Sherrick
Serving, Helping, Learning & Sharing with everyone through social media.
Serving, Helping, Learning & Sharing with everyone through social media.

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I'm shaving my head to raise money for childhood cancer research!

On March 13, 2015 at the Northside Knights of Columbus in Indianapolis, I'll be joining team "Matthias's Mayhem" for a +St. Baldrick's Foundation  head shaving event.

Did you know that kids' cancers are different from adult cancers? It's true. And childhood cancer research is extremely underfunded.
My wife had the pleasure of meeting Craig and Katie Vescelus and family two years ago when she was asked to photograph Matthias, who was a St. Baldrick’s Ambassador. Since then we've gotten to know the family and participate in two shaving events.
Two years ago, my oldest son shaved his head so this year I've decided to do something about it by raising money for cures and shaving my head too. Now I need your help! Will you make a donation? Every dollar makes a difference for the thousands of infants, children, teens, and young adults fighting childhood cancers.

Check out my page!

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My Tips on how to Improve Your iPhone Photography

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Tips to "Improve Your iPhone Photography"

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Get to the Polls! Find yours here... #Election2014  

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Don't know where your poll is located, try this site #Election2014

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A great social tool for keeping neighborhoods safe #Nextdoor 

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Westfield jumps on social media to fight crime using  #WestfieldIN   #Nextdoor  

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My wife just shot some amazing sunset silhouette photos of our oldest and youngest together. 
Sunset Silhouettes
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I've discovered a new rare skill that I possess, it's called keurig water filler #keurig   #officejobs  

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