Pinball FX 2 for Steam review:

I picked up the free-to-play Pinball FX 2 the other day, and have since bought 5 additional tables for it (you get one free). Below are my first impressions after a couple nights of playing it solo and 2-player:

1) Not all tables are good, but some are excellent

2) One trap video game pinball falls into is being more like a video game than a pinball table. Not a problem for most of these.

3) Works really well with a 360 controller for Windows.

4) The tables are stupidly cheap on Steam right now, so that's nice.

5) Mini-games are enjoyable, but not too much of the focus.

6) Leaderboards take a little bit to figure out (there's a "Wizard" score plus some others) but it's well implemented.

7) Art is really good

Okay, so on to specific tables:

Avengers: Based on the movie, it's got a nice "choose your hero" feature. The mini-games were difficult to activate, which I actually appreciate. The only flaw is that there isn't a whole lot of action going on routinely.

Fear Itself: Obscure superheroes aren't all that fun, and this game has a tendency to throw stuff in your line of sight. The magnetic ball thing is gimmicky.

Infinity Gauntlet: A solid game that suffers from the fact that two of the primary targets involve the ball going out of line-of-sight for too long. Also, the mini-game is an AWESOME idea, but freaks you the hell out (table turns upside down)

World War Hulk: A tad repetitive with the voice work, but otherwise really good. One of my favorites.

Epic Quest: Love this table as an idea, but it's way too busy and cute for my taste. Feels like the mini-game aspect kind of takes over at times.

Sorcerer's Lair: This is the free table, which is odd because it's clearly the best! Easy to play, but harder to master. Probably the best virtual pinball table I've played in PFX2 or any other. Great art, decent story, ball goes out of line-of-sight, but in brief and predictable ways where you get enough visibility to prepare for what's going on.

The only down-side as far as I'm concerned is that they are giving away their best table (of the ones that already have a Steam port, that is, they have other tabels that haven't been ported over from Windows 8 and the console yet, such as Plants vs. Zombies). This makes me fear for their future income... Then again, I've only played 6 tables so far.

PS: I've also tried demo mode for some of the Star Wars tables, and they felt super gimmicky. I also tried the Captain America demo which felt fun and I did like the fact that the machine itself appears to be strapped into a cargo plane :-)
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