This morning I read about how KDEnlive is now dead or development has stopped or the maintainer is "missing" or .. something like that. 

Funny thing: I was using Kdenlive just last night. Seemed perfectly fine and in good working order.  Because it is Free software and isn't dependent on any one person. The last developer on earth could disappear and the software would still be available.

Phoronix and /. were the all-too-usual sources for the sensationalized version of the story. 

The person who wrote into Phoronix about it said, " The worst thing that could happen would be that no one is every aware that there's a problem, but that there's just never a new release again as people drift away." Now that is sensible. If development has slowed to a crawl, the answer is for others to step up and continue on this fantastic piece of work.

Phoronix could have taken the opportunity to promote that exact sentiment and been a useful source of incentive in the Free software community. Sadly, Phoronix turned it into a sensational headline and then /. one-up'd them.

Anyone who thinks negative is the only way should take a page from the crazily positive omg!ubuntu site which does amazingly well for itself. I find it nearly as accurate as Phoronix, but they do it with positivism. See? It can be done.
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