Spent my after-dinner evening enjoying watching the Linux world do its usual incompetence-dance trying to figure out what it feels about Snap packages, which are suddenly being peddled hard .. just in time for the emergence of Flatpack into the Linux-communal-consciousness (coincidences!) ... with the usual mix of stupid and FUD that accompanies such things (sadly) ... none of it matters, though .. so I continued to wind down the evening with my daughter, building logic gates with transistors and bits of wire ... she loves plugging things together, watching LEDs light up, pushing the buttons to make things work ... way more important than which of the ridiculous post-modern packaging mistakes will "win".

p.s. in case nobody has noticed, software installation sucks horribly on both Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS X .. so every time someone says "just like .." one of those two, look for your trout.
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