Carl Jung was the first to formally describe synchronicity: "the experience of two or more events as meaningfully related, whereas they are unlikely to be causally related." (Thanks, Wikipedia! :)

#merweek  is pure synchronicity. None of it was planned: the three companies announcing on three different days on the same week their Mer OS products didn't coordinate that .. it just .. happened.

Right now, I'm busy going through the planning for the Make·Play·Live launch, getting everyone's coordination emails for next week's behind-the-scenes efforts prepped .. and I took a moment to blog about it .. and then, without coordination, Marco does the same thing.

I promise that no matter how coordinated this all looks, it actually isn't.

Ok, I'll admit it: we're all using the force. These are not the androids you are looking for. ;)

Anyways, since you got this far, go read Marco's blog 'cuz it's quite good as usual :)
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