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Aaron Scott Mercer
Creativity junkie, Skeptic, Lego geek
Creativity junkie, Skeptic, Lego geek

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Sharing this so I can find it later. :)
Struggling with procrastination? These ways are proven (with science!) to help you beat it.

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That's more cash than Avengers Battle. However; that's where the movie fails ay in my book.

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Ooooo. Science AND typography. Fun!
What a neat way to remember the people and their contributions!

 "Science Typography 01"
 published by Prateek Lala and designed by Prateek Lala

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+Barry Mercer, I thought this was very, scarily, enlightening. 
Every once in a while I think about how cool a vintage car would be (Hmmm.. Corvette Sting Ray). Then I watch something like this and crawl back to my modern old-man car.

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If you're going outside this summer, take this quiz on identifying poison ivy!
If you spend time outside where there is poison ivy, you need to take this quiz to practice your ID skills! 

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Headlines don't get better than this.
This is possibly one of my favorite headlines ever, for a whole host of reasons :)

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Facebook, this is not acceptable. Do I really have to tell you this?
This is a picture that facebook declined to remove.

#Facebook  reviewed this photo but have no issue with this statement nor find that it violates their community standards. 

Why are we surprised when three young women are held in a house in Ohio and raped for a decade when one of our largest tech companies openly supports and advocates rape culture? 

Originally seen here:

Verified here:

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My 9-year-old's reaction to this:
jaw drop
"Awesomest thing evar!!!"
WOW.  Easily the most original flatlander bike tricks I've seen.

Original Bike Tricks from Tim Knoll
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