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I see NZ Herald is struggling with their gender-neutral pronouns... see if you spot it too...

...Also, I find this door knocking demand to know how people plan to voice their opinion to be rather creepy behaviour for our normally 'better than this' government. The TPP is toxic for simply the way it's being ushered in, let alone it's contents.
Police are checking in on known activists around the country ahead of TPP protests later this week. - New Zealand Herald
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Oh I happen to agree. But I find it amusing that the Herald made a point of it and then tripped straight over it.
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So I've been watching the +Sony Xperia Z5 reviews and pricing for a while, even gone into a store to play with one...

Finally a replacement for my ageing Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300).


It can't be rooted (yet) without losing some of Sony's features... Seriously +Sony Xperia, I want to ditch Samsung - you've made a great device, please support your power-users and let us root it without crippling it.

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Actually the nexus range don't have expandable storage. That's probably their main downside but for me I just don't need more than 32Gb on my phone. The 16Gb on my old phone was a bit small but still adequate.

Quick updates and vanilla android are the main reason I'd be hard pressed going to anything but a Nexus.
It'd be really nice if the other manufacturers started offering their phones with the option of vanilla android or their bloated bastardised crap OS. Wont happen though, they're all too busy trying to get people used to their strange ways of doing things and their branding so they don't have to actually compete on hardware.
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This stuff can't be stressed enough...

...and I really doubt that it's only 15% getting given the bullshit story about being 'out of warranty' or 'manufacturer handles all quality issues'.  I've had one of these as the response to any such issue from every major chain in NZ (except Warehouse mind you) and a few small ones.

Items needing to be durable and fit-for-purpose can be as long as you'd reasonably expect such a device to last - it's a grey area.

I've had them say the item is obsolete since the new models and so isn't covered... not the point. It's a 'durability issue', not a 'keeping up with the joneses' issue.

Also, if the retailer no longer exists you can approach the manufacturer - this can be a right shit of an experience (I'm looking at you #Samsung ) as they seem to deliberately make it difficult to get the information necessary to move forward and pushing you to accept large fees that might be refunded later with no paperwork for any such agreement.

There needs to be some sort of fine for companies caught out lying about their obligations. It's clearly become a standard practice - there is no downside for the retailer to make such claims as every customer dissuaded from pursuing their rights is an immediate win.
Consumers who are not not confident about their rights are more likely to get a raw deal when returning faulty goods, a Consumer NZ survey says.
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Is that an ex #MR2 I see :(

If this was the car being worked on, I wonder if being under it was safer than in it (not the highest safety rating these things).

Get well soon mystery Northlander...
A man has been seriously injured after the car he was working on was struck by another car in the Northland settlement of Hikurangi this afternoon. - New Zealand Herald
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An awesome demo of trying to relearn one tiny change in a complex system
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+Joshua Rants Chris Hadfield appears at the end of the video, trying to ride the bike. The kid owns him.
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Is this a fork of the Reading University First Mobile Game MOOC? Did you request an MIT license or are you building against the GPL codebase?
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I google it and find this. 
I think you are talking about this program

No this is not that game(I think that game is like Breakout) and I first time get that page.
In this game you need to control "Twin Balls" and avoid the obstacles. 

I applied to access that group because i thought it is group where everyone is talking about those old games like Tetris, Ping Pong, etc. 
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Good, now they can focus on making an MX Master available for #Lefties.
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you will continue to buy our right hand mitten mice & continue to like it!
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"Maori feel 'kept in the dark' over the Trans-Pacific Partnership..."


Join. The. Club.

Where's our final text and a report of the legislation needed to comply?

Everyone feels 'kept in the dark' over TPP because it's deliberately secretive.
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Everyone, but a very selected few are in the dark sadly. Still we might have a new flag and we've forgotten about ponytail pulling so all is good with the world

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Well duh. Questions of effectiveness have been floating around for years.  Hell they used to promote Pseudoephedrine as a more effective replacement for Phenylephrine.

I hope this gets some attention, it f'ing sucks that I get so many colds and the one drug that would help me keep functioning is all but inaccessible (most doctors won't prescribe it and even when they do the cost of doctor+drug is just too damned high).

The least the government should do is immediately require the drug companies to soften their effectiveness claims of Phenylephrine. writes: Back before methamphetamine cooks started buying up non-prescription decongestants to brew crank, all of us were able to buy effective decongestants right off the store shelf without a problem. Now David DiSalvo writes at Forbes that to fill the store-shelf void, drug compan...
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l, also, believe in acids. They are things.
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+Niantic Project may be about to add a Pay-to-Win model to Ingress.

It's safe to say that a significant part of the existing player-base will exit if that happens.

The game is already difficult for some players with each having a different availability and mix of time/money to commit to the game but adding Pay-to-Win inventory items would tip the balance even further to those with the money.

Worse, it deteriorates one of the strengths of Ingress by removing onr of the reasons for communities to form (and for ambitious players to want them to form) - pooling of very-rare items for operations will no longer be necessary if players can buy them.

Please Niantic, don't screw it up.

- buy swag
- buy cosmetic features

Please anything but game-world affecting items...

(I wonder how many players would be willing to pay a small subscription fee - I suspect a great many)
Welcome back everyone. It has been a good while since we have had the honor of tearing apart an APK. This is because Niantic became an independent company and thus the pace of released versions slo…
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I got into this game to get exercise around my community, although it's been awhile since my bicycle has been out. Not going to waste my money on this sort of rubbish. Might have to retire. 
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Riiight so now one of the following must happen...

1. A black hole will be created and NASA will be forced to quickly round up a team of unreasonably good looking heroes and one misfit to fire nukular missils at it.

2. A rip in 'space-time' will be created that will yield access to an alien civilisation seeming benevolent and generous.  I think we can trust them.

3. A super-hero and anti-hero will be created...

By all that I know (and unfortunately too much of that is due to Hollywood) nothing good can come of this.

PS. Regardless of the scenario, the experiment will quickly be scaled down to briefcase-size, rerun and then lost to the bad-guy. A car-chase, where all good-guys are driving the same brand of vehicle will ensue...
Scientist from University of Osaka claim have fired the world's most powerful laser. The beam was intact for 2-petawatt, pulse lasted just one picosecond
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The article text looks like it's gone through dissociated press to pad out the word count.
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Bikini pin-ups in the workplace... What year IS this?
An engineering firm that has a topless calendar and uses a bikini-clad model on the back of a delivery truck has been blasted as sexist by top scientist Dr Michelle Dickinson. - New Zealand Herald
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I don't think it's that simple. In a professional environment we should be able to avoid discomfort for varying degrees of modesty, body-image or objectification. gender-balance isn't the only concern.

I wonder if this is a reasonable measure - if you wouldn't be comfortable having the person, so attired, standing in a classroom then maybe they're not appropriately attired for display in a work-place where no reasonable context for it exists (perhaps there are classroom contexts where it could make sense - body-sculpting show-and-tell :)),

There are places where such context does exist - gyms being one that springs to mind.  But sheet-metallers... really...
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