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Bikini pin-ups in the workplace... What year IS this?
An engineering firm that has a topless calendar and uses a bikini-clad model on the back of a delivery truck has been blasted as sexist by top scientist Dr Michelle Dickinson. - New Zealand Herald
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I don't think it's that simple. In a professional environment we should be able to avoid discomfort for varying degrees of modesty, body-image or objectification. gender-balance isn't the only concern.

I wonder if this is a reasonable measure - if you wouldn't be comfortable having the person, so attired, standing in a classroom then maybe they're not appropriately attired for display in a work-place where no reasonable context for it exists (perhaps there are classroom contexts where it could make sense - body-sculpting show-and-tell :)),

There are places where such context does exist - gyms being one that springs to mind.  But sheet-metallers... really...
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Of course he's sacked... jeez if I did that at work I'd not only be sacked but there's a good chance the news would work it's way through my network and I'd be having a hard time getting re-employed.

As much as I've found him amusing on Top Gear (in varying amounts, the last few seasons racial-slur filled jokes ruin it for me), if the facts presented about the altercation are even partly true then he should have been given the hard word much sooner.
Jeremy Clarkson faces arrest today after the BBC sacked him for punching a Top Gear producer in the face with such force he had to go to A&E. - New Zealand Herald
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A million people signed a petition to save him.

People suck.
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"It's worth noting, however, that this mouse is for right-handed operators only -- there's no left-handed option. (Logitech says it tried a left-handed mouse a few years ago but it was a major flop; apparently, lefties use their right hand for mice, or opt for the trackpad.)"

Grr... no, some of us lefties are just left with using one of the generally shittier symmetrical mice available.

Given how long I keep a mouse for, I wonder...

How expensive would this beast have to be to be worth it to +Logitech to make a #lefty   version?
Everything you need to know about the Logitech MX Master, including impressions and analysis, photos, video, release date, prices, specs, and predictions from CNET. - Page 1
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Business opportunity. Design and build a mouse chassis that people can 3d print their own body/shell for. You could make some reference designs that people could modify to have totally custom mice.
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"New Zealand's prime minister...while suggesting that New Zealanders are not legally entitled to be told when their communications data is collected."

Then maybe we should vote for someone who will give us that legal protection.
Summary:New Zealand's prime minister has refused to rule out the possibility that the country's electronic spy agency conducts mass surveillance, while suggesting that New Zealanders are not legally entitled to be told when their communications data is collected.
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I'm not surprised that he said this though. The first thing about talking to the media about your spy agency is presumably that you don't say anything to the media about your spy agency.

Telling people that they were being spied on would defeat a lot of the purpose of spying on them, and make them complain and file law suits.
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I'm rather surprised not to see Ingress listed as the most battery-draining game in this article.  You can almost hear the battery screaming when you're out taking down a big nest of portals...

Ingress can be forgiven though, I mean the game is hammering CPU, GPU, Data, Wi-fi & GPS all at once.

What frustrates me is how much my Shamsung S3 battery drains while the device is idle - and I have nothing on their list :(

#ingress #niantic #samsung #battery  
Summary:Which apps are hogging space, consuming mobile data, and sucking the life out of your Android smartphone?
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There are also some in locations with no cell access - you need special gear or access to nearby WiFi to be able to take those portals.
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B0rked Spark == Sp0rk

This is the second time in recent weeks that the Spark mobile network has left me wondering what I pay for.

(oh right, a lot less MB's than I'd expect for the dollars)

Hey Sp0rk, you prefer my wallet to do the talking, how about returning the favour.

#telecom #spark #mobile #newzealand
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A month or so my family and I went camping on the east coast. Lots of fun. No cell phone connection anywhere near where we were - which was on my mind as I had been having an email conversation with someone about a job.

A mere 20kms from our camp site there was a public phone booth with a WiFi thing on top. It would have been great to be with Spark when we drove past it. As it was, I didn't get to check my email until Opotiki.
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Um. All I can think of when Joss voices this complaint is the "Hey, I've died twice" line in the "I've got a theory" song from the Buffy episode "Once more, with feeling".

And the writers for Marvel have managed to insert some Whedonesqe humour acknowledging the silliness of the situation so frankly Joss, stop complaining...

...but by all means feel free to go back to series writing. I've always preferred your series anyway - short though some have been (yes yes I know, let it go).
“Coulson lives!” was the excited cry from many Marvel movie fans when they learned that Agent Phil Coulson would be resurrected for the TV show Agents of SHIELD. But not everyone was a fan of bringing Coulson back, including director Joss Whedon, who felt it took “some of the punch out of” his Avengers movie.
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[Brought to my attention by a friend on that other social network, sometimes FB does have content worth reading it seems :)]

This cannot be reposted too often, it is the most obvious argument against the position taken by media companies on globalisation.

"A different viewpoint is that these companies want to reserve the economic benefit of globalization for themselves.
They have no problem with global outsourcing of call centers, post-production, animation, pressing DVDs, etc. Nor with routing revenue through unrelated countries to evade taxes. It's all about having access to the lowest cost of production.
But these same companies are trying to limit consumers to buying only through tightly controlled distribution channels. Even if it's not their content, they want to block it -- they don't want consumers to have access to the world market.
We expect a worker in Seattle to compete with a worker in Thailand, and to take less pay if that's what it takes. But we want to enforce that the Seattle worker pays $250 for a textbook instead of $8, pays $15 for a DVD instead of under $1, and 20x for prescription drugs."
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I kind of think those exclusive distribution contracts will go the way of the dodo - every media distribution company is competing with bit torrent, and so can't engage in the anticompetitive shenanigans that are the sole point of the distribution agreements.

As soon as they delay distribution or increase the price, they immediately lose to the pirates.

The actual physical reason why they existed has long gone - no-one wants physical media transported to them.
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These idiots are why people think java is slow....

The example is the poster child of what not to do with Strings.

Please no-one hire these people.
New research finds that, contrary to popular belief, in-memory computing isn’t automatically the fastest way to do things.
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Well, surely it contained some "novel" ideas, therefore it was worth publishing :-))
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RIP Sir Terry :-(
but damn impressed with your blog post.
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I so pleased Samsung has decided to no longer support MicroSD on their flagship (or replaceable batteries for that matter)...
If a 128GB microSD card just isn't big enough to put your media collection on your phone, don't worry -- SanDisk is coming to your rescue. It just unveil
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If they want to make a phone that only usefully lasts a year, I'm sure the market will respond. I'm still on my mini 2.
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Okay, so I haven't actually seen her presentation of the weather... maybe there's so much unfamiliar vocabulary used that it's unintelligible to non-speakers of Te Reo Maori...

But seriously, offence at using 'Aotearoa' or 'Kia ora'

Television channel 3 News is shrugging off criticism for weather presenter Kanoa Lloyd's regular use of Te Reo Māori.
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Good, so she's got a right to use them interchangeably. So much easier than adding an H!
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