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Hi All -- it's great to see all the work people have been doing on the server.

I've been trying to manage some things behind the scenes and adjust the plugins/permissions/settings and I think it's caused some confusion because I haven't been good about notifying people of the changes.

Plugins --
Our server uses Multiverse to handle multiple worlds
We use PerWorldInventory to keep creative and survival inventories seperate
MapManager provides better handling of the in-game maps
MelWarps - /warp and /warplist

Last week I added:
PermissionsEx - to handle ranks/permissions
EssentialsPro-Reloaded - for some basic services

When setting up PermissionsEx (or Pex)...i used a default config file that created 5 ranks:

default -- when you first join -- you can build, tp and warp
Builder -- you should be promoted quickly to this -- you can set warps and do all of the above
Moderator - can do slightly more -- can do /ep commands
Admin - Lots of power (and lots of responsibility)
Owner - Can do everything (me)

It's definitely a delicate dance to get the plugins working in concert but I have a better understanding of the permissions than I did a few weeks ago so we can do some fun things moving forward.

Does anyone have suggestions for Plugins that work with Bukkit/Spigot and Minecraft 1.10.2?

Hey everyone!...+Jeff Kuhn and I will be taking a group of CALL students into the EVO server in the next few hours. 8,9-10 UTC

Log in if you want to come say hi.

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EVO Server was down for a few days while i was on vacation. It's back up and running at version 1.10 #evomc16 (frostburn)...right now it's just the survival world...let me know if you need access to creative this week and I'll see what I can do +Rose Bard +Jeff Kuhn +Vance Stevens

Thanks everyone who came online today and helped demonstrate how teachers are able to network with each other using Minecraft!


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Hello #EVOMC16 -- This is an announcement that +Jeff Kuhn and I will be discussing our EVO experiences and inviting folks to tour the EVO Server during the afternoon tech fair at the Ohio University CALL Conference on Friday (tomorrow).

The presentation, titled "Minecraft for Professional Development and Networking," will be informal (part of the fair), but we will have computers open demonstrating our G+ Community, and our Adobe Connect meeting space. Adobe Connect will be available during the conference at the following link:

If you are available, please join us on the server and/or in the adobe connect session so you can interact with other teachers and CALL professionals and demonstrate our community in action!

The tech fair is scheduled for 1:30pm to 2:30pm EST...that's 5:30-6:30pm UTC.

Here is the link to the conference:


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Come visit Athens, Ohio this summer and complete the 18 Part Cross-Faction Ohio University 1804 Mosaic...

+Mark Slayton

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