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Or at least that's how I feel when I am photographing them. There is just something about being close to a waterfall and if you come to the PNW to shoot these massive cascades of water with us you better bring your waders because we don't sit on the sidelines...we get in and get wet. If you are scared of a little water you better stay in the dust bowl because out here we don't play!

If you have the guts (see balls) to come and get some and you want an excuse to come out during the peak of the waterfall season this spring check out our upcoming Waterfalls & Workflow 3 day in the field workshop coming up in April. We only have a couple spots left and very soon the entire PNW is going to be exploding with vibrant green moss & foliage and spring runoff and we are scheduled to visit a collection of the best Oregon & Washington has to offer.
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Ken Z
Great album +Aaron Reed! I am having a hard time picking my favorite, they are all awesome shots!!
The entire album is out of this world! I love all of them. :D
Here's a question for you, Waterfall King. How do you keep your camera/tripod steady when it's in the moving water? Do you anchor it down?

I always have the problem of my camera shaking a bit. :(
Well +Jeremy Davies the first secret is to take the time to make sure it is planted well and not on small rocks or shifting soil. I also will usually spread the legs of the tripod further apart to create a stronger base. If it still unstable or the water is really rushing I will press down on the tripod with one hand as I take the shot (the same effect of hanging a weighted bag from the hook on the underside of your tripod if you have one). The best scenario is to place as many legs as possible on flat rocks or up against fallen trees etc to create as much stability as possible. Hope that helps!
+Jeremy Davies an additional tip. I used to have issues as well, but that was with a low cost light weight carbon fiber tripod. I now use a aluminum Manfrotto tripod and it makes a huge difference. Money invested in a good tripod is not money wasted, it makes a huge difference.
Great set Aaron, beautiful shots all!
Wonderful series of images! The only suggestion I'd have is to add the locations in the caption. (At least for the popular ones, maybe keep a few "pet" ones secret...)
This is a stunning shot +Aaron Reed Feels very surrealistic. Beautiful!
Thanks +Aaron Reed , that will be great. Many of them are obvious and well known, but I see a couple I can't pinpoint. I'm definitely inspired by some of these, very nice!
What a wonderful album... Thanks for sharing all those beautiful pictures! How to you get the details so extremely sharp??
amazing! Excellent waterfall pictures, simply stunning!
I absolutely love these Aaron. I would love the opportunity to go shoot with you, but, alas, I have no waders. Do you have a recommended gear list for items such as waders and more?
You are the waterfall king! These are some really beautiful photos.
A beautiful collection of waterfalls...all of which are award winners!
Love your work, Aaron! And love your attitude! If you don't want to get wet, you probably won't want to shoot w/ me! Nothing beats just hopping in a creek and following the water . . . Again, wonderful work!!
truly spectacular. i love waterfalls-they are so calming and soothing. love your photography as well.
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