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I just bought like 6 Linux games for $25. What a time to be alive.

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I've finally got a chance to try out GNOME 3.18. Great work as usual, guys!

Last release, I posted about a cool new feature, Character's search provider. Looks like this release, the search provider is disabled by default. Checking the git logs, the reasoning is perfectly reasonable here: it's a less commonly used features that tends to list weird Unicode characters right at the top of the screen as you're searching.

Hopefully they'll be able to fix that issue. In the meantime for those of us who use this feature all the time, nothing to worry about! You can just go into the search settings and re-enable it. 👍

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A very quick tour to Cockpit Systemd Management! 

Before using Cockpit, it is a good idea to get familiarized with SystemCtl and JournalCtl command line interfaces. While Cockpit UI isn't as powerful as CLI, it is really convenient, and it is the only available UI for Systemd anyway.

The only drawback it is that it runs as service, so you should either have it enabled on boot (systemctl enable cockpit) or start it every time you want to use it (systemctl start cockpit). 

Personally I reckon to give it a try! There are packages for Fedora and Arch¹.

¹It is on AUR and compiling it is a bit tricky, but a genuine Archer will manage!

#Systemd   #Fedora   #ArchLinux   #Linux   #RedHat   #Cockpit  

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I've been using neovim for a few weeks now. I'm *really* liking this project's goals, and they seem to be well on their way to pulling them off.

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Awesome feature in 3.16 — if there's a Unicode character you want and you know the name, just hit meta and type away. Click on the results and you'll get the character in your clipboard ready to use.  😏
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