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Appeal type: Invalid Portal
Portal name: Sea Creatures A Float Mural
Location: Orlando, FL, USA
Lat/Long: 28.540378,-81.27973
Intel Link:,-81.279735&z=17&pll=28.540378,-81.279735
google map link :'25.4%22N+81%C2%B016'47.1%22W/@28.540378,-81.279735,19z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d28.5403889!4d-81.27975

Reason: This portal is in the ambulance bay of a very busy hospital. There are other portals in the hospital that are fine but this one seems to bump up against the "Candidates that may interfere with the operations of FIRE STATIONS, POLICE STATIONS AND HOSPITALS".

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Appeal Category: Rejected Submission
Portal Title: Tijuana Flats Burritosaurus Mural
City, Region and Country: Winter Park, FL. USA
Location: 33.489231, -117.676611
Intel Link:,-81.264837&z=20
Reason: This is inside a cool burrito joint that has great murals on the walls. There are no portals nearby to be confused as duplicates. Even though this portal is near the crossing of two major roads in the area it is safely tucked into a shopping plaza that is safe and easily accessible. This does not fall under any of the "PLEASE DONT SUBMIT" criteria but it does hit at least two of the "ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA" in that it is cool art and a local popular spot.

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Joe Philley Memorial Swag

Out of respect for the family of +Joe Philley, #RobWear  and #RoTC  will  be refraining from putting out any memorial items or fundraiser merchandise in Joe's behalf and I would like to ask for all other swag producers and designers to do the same thing.

+megan flowers and +Mike Flowers have asked that they be given time to process their loss, and given how it has affected our community I cannot even begin to understand the loss that they are feeling.  They have asked that no swag be made using his name or likeness, and to my knowledge they have not approved the production of any items for any purpose at this time.

If the family feels comfortable with this in the future, they will let those of us in the community know what their wishes are. Until then I ask that if you want to donate money you do so with something non Joe related, we all know that he loved all swag.  In the meantime, if you have questions concerning memorial swag please do not contact the family directly, please contact +Daniel Lawrence or +Niko M .

I would hope that the proceeds from those are given to the fund that +megan flowers and +Mike Flowers have setup to assist with unexpected expenses.  You can find it here:

Thank you all,
+Robert Vaughan aka #RobWear  
+Iris Garcia aka #ResistanceOfTheCaribbean  
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Nothing more to do here. The Anomaly went well but ended in a loss. We lost the battle but won the war due to the hard work of the Shard movers.

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Originally shared by ****
" 9-year explained Net Neutrality to his friend "

#reddit #NetNeutrality  
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