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Lexmark Is Still Around. Court Shocked.
Not only is Lexmark still around, but they've found themselves in a Supreme Court case that more or less confirms that they're shitheads.

At its most basic, the case is a dispute over Lexmark’s patent rights regarding refilling printer cartridges. Impression Products is a small business with about 25 employees. It specializes in buying used printer cartridges and remanufacturing them. In 2012, Lexmark decided to add Impression to an already existing lawsuit against other remanufacturers. While the other defendants eventually settled, Image has stuck it out and the case has made it to the highest court in the land.

#lexmark #law

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Gorsuch Dodges Questions Like Neo Dodges Bullets
Just say it: Gorsuch is a psychopath. Every neuropsychologist in the country is thinking it.

Throughout the week, Gorsuch dodged nearly every substantive question by saying he would defer to precedent. But in TransAm Trucking v Administrative Review Board we saw him fight precedent – in this particular case, a legal statute known as Chevron deference – for what appear to be the pettiest of possible reasons. In his remarkably flippant opinion, Gorsuch narrows legal definitions to make them more restrictive, and even at one point compares Maddin’s decision to unhitch his broken trailer from the truck and seek shelter to an employee “using an office computer not for work but to compose the great American novel”.

He goes on to speak dismissively about his colleagues prioritizing what he refers to as “ends as ephemeral and generic as ‘health and safety’.” He adding: “After all, what under the sun, at least at some level of generality, doesn’t relate to ‘health and safety?’”

The language of the decision is in jarring contrast to the tone he adopted throughout the confirmation hearing process: affable, inoffensive, and almost entirely devoid of content. Here, too, Gorsuch is breaking with precedent, according to Justin Wedeking, a political science professor at the University of Kentucky, who has analyzed these hearings as far back as 1955.

“We have not crunched any numbers yet,” Wedeking said, “but it appears Gorsuch has been more hesitant than recent nominees to answer questions in a forthcoming manner, in some cases even refusing to offer a partially qualified answer.” His previous analysis, in a 2010 report co-authored by Dion Farganis, found supreme court picks have become more evasive over time and questions from senators have become more aggressive.

#trump #gorsuch

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Every specimen of the collection is worth $5 to $300, depending on its rarity, he said, and perhaps 1,000 of the O’Briens’ insects are “new to science”.

In two rooms of Charles and Lois O’Brien’s modest home in Tucson, Arizona, more than a million insects – a collection worth an estimated $10m – rest in tombs of glass and homemade shelving. They come from every continent and corner of the world, gathered over almost six decades; a bug story that began as a love story.

#science #bugs

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Sexism Is Systemic In Tech: Says Uber.
Sadly, this guy is correct.

I actually feel for this hiring manager. I know a lot of recruiters - being a tech talent, it's hard not to - and they are in a tough position. There are more positions than there are experienced people, and its the recruiters job to make their employer seem attractive. And when 90%+ of the people with whom the recruiter makes contact never even respond, and the remaining 10% are no-go's, you can appreciate the desperation they may feel when yet another roadblock - like, say, the company becoming famous for all the wrong reasons - is thrown in their path, they can say and do some pretty stupid things to try to overcome.

I am not saying that this excuses the behavior. What I want to most focus on is how the mandate provided to each element of the recruiting process helps to enshrine and ossify systemic problems.

By that, I mean how the recruiter mandate is to hire people. If the system is sexist, or the company sucks, those are not injustices that must be fought against. The hiring manager can't do that. The recruiter sure as hell can't do that. That is way outside of their purview. Instead, their job is to sell the company to candidates. And the only way they can stay sane is to focus on that.

When that behavior is replicated across levels of the company, you end up with the aforementioned system sexism and racism.

My ex-CTO often described management as being of three types

Good managers delegate authority but not responsibility.
Average managers delegate authority and responsibility.
Bad managers delegate responsibility and not authority.

That is Silicon Valley right now. Lots of people with no authority. No one with power is accountable. And the people who must actually face the problems caused by systemic bias do not have the elimination of that bias as part of their mandate.

Give everyone the power to stand up and fight. It's not the only way, but it is the fastest.

#sexism #siliconvalley

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Google Will Severely Downgrade Symantec's Standing After Security Revelations
After revealing that Symantec has been a poor steward of its positions as an Internet security pillar, Google will no longer accept their certificates.

In January, an independent security researcher unearthed evidence that Symantec improperly issued 108 new certificates. Thursday's announcement came after Google's investigation revealed that over a span of years, Symantec CAs have improperly issued more than 30,000 certificates. Such mis-issued certificates represent a potentially critical threat to virtually the entire Internet population because they make it possible for the holders to cryptographically impersonate the affected sites and monitor communications sent to and from the legitimate servers. They are a major violation of the so-called baseline requirements that major browser makers impose of CAs as a condition of being trusted by major browsers.

#google #symantec #security

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Five Decades of Research Confirms: Spanking Produces Similar Outcomes in Children as Physical Abuse.

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A Lack Of Diversity Is Debt, And It Will Demand Repayment.
The tech industry is uncommonly united in its outrage at Uber—not only because of Uber’s callous treatment of our friends and colleagues, but because subconsciously we recognize that we may be in danger as well. How much do Uber’s failures reflect our own invisible, growing debts?

#uber #startups #siliconvalley

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And here is that aforementioned Teen Vogue article.

Trump won the Presidency by gas light. His rise to power has awakened a force of bigotry by condoning and encouraging hatred, but also by normalizing deception. Civil rights are now on trial, though before we can fight to reassert the march toward equality, we must regain control of the truth. If that seems melodramatic, I would encourage you to dump a bucket of ice over your head while listening to “Duel of the Fates." Donald Trump is our President now; it’s time to wake up.

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