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Aaron Levy

Does anyone know of a senior level digital marketer who's looking for an amazing role in DC? Trying to help a friend at a major research foundation hire someone in house. Looking for roughly 10 years cross channel experience.

Hit me up!

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Great wealth of tips from smart folks across the industry. Really consistent focus on landing pages and CRO, as well as following the leads AFTER they become leads. 

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Really like this idea! 
Simulating different split test methodologies:

Suppose you are trying to maximise the number of clicks. You start off with two versions and evenly split impressions between them until each has 1000 impressions.

Next you perform some kind of maths to determine what to do next. Depending on what the maths tells you, you either continue to run the test or you pause one variation and introduce another one. Then you wait 1000 impressions and repeat...

After 10,000 impressions how many clicks will you have? 

Obviously, the answer depends a bit on what maths you do. The chart below shows the result of simulating 100 runs of the above game with six different strategies:

1: If 99% confident then pause the worst ad and add a new one
2. Same as 1. but with 95% confidence
3. 90% confidence
4. 80% confidence
5. Just pick the advert that is performing the best when you look (best observed CTR)
6. Cheat (because this is a simulation we know which version is actually better - so pick that one)

The results of the simulation show that, as long as you can keep up by producing enough new variations, waiting for statistical significance does not improve outcomes.

This result is very surprising to me. I'm sure it is at least partly because my simulation is overly simplistic; if you can precisely define what aspects of real life I'm missing here then I will have a go at coding it up.

Want more stuff like this? I'm starting a mailing list/newsletter

Does anyone have insight on the ROE (return on effort) for getting a Google Trusted Stores badge? Thinking specifically for PLA's. Would love if anyone has a before-after and if the juice is worth the squeeze. 

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Let's break PPC out of the box and use our mountains and mountains of data for other fun stuff. Phase 1: stalk your audience!

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We're bringing SEER Q & A back to life tomorrow. From noon to 1 EST, SEER's team of brilliant search marketers will answer your every question on our G+ page

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Good ROI from PPC, kinda table stakes no? What ELSE do you get from that data??

My audience was a lil too small at eMetrics to truly evangelize, but I'll keep fighting the good fight. Take your PPC team out of the black box. Ask them questions. Have them test things. Buy them beers. Lots and lots of beers. 

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Great guide from +Russell Savage to help you learn the bare bones basics of scripting. 

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Interesting - dunno if I love AdWords-only modeling (seems like it only looks at one piece of the pie) but interesting none the less.
Today, we’re excited to announce the Search Funnels Attribution Modeling Tool. This tool helps you identify keywords, ad groups or campaigns which play a critical role in driving conversions, but may be undervalued using a last-click attribution model.

Consumers now interact with many different ads before converting.  Most advertisers, however, still measure the success of their online advertising on a last-click basis: giving all credit to the single ad that was clicked right before the conversion. 

We've been working to help advertisers better understand this path to purchase, with products like Search Funnels and Attribution Modeling in GA. 

Use this tool to examine five different attribution models in AdWords to better understand how different bids for undervalued keywords can help you reach customers earlier in the purchase journey, driving even more conversions. 

Learn more from this article in our Help Center: 

We’re working hard on attribution-related features to help you better measure the value of your AdWords advertising. Stay tuned!


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+Katy Pitkin shares some pretty nifty tricks for finding social advertising audiences.
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