Who are you?

I had an in-depth discussion with a friend of mine yesterday about the challenge of finding yourself. Finding out who you really are as a person. A great example would be, if you were to visit your grave and read what was written on the headstone, what would it say about you?

Being bought up in a rural town, it is almost imperative that everyone knows who you are, where you’re from, your family and who you dated on the weekend. But I have asked myself this question and I err on the side of ignorance because, I don’t really know who I am. Will I ever really find out?

I was living in Christchurch two years ago and one person I met, said he “found himself”, when he bought a one way plane ticket to a third world country and all he had was his backpack and a few dollars on him. He left everything else up to fate, or his own ability to figure shit out on his own. If that isn’t challenge enough, that I don’t know what is. That scenario seemed intriguing. I wondered if I put myself in his shoes, how I would go. I generally tend to deal with things on a cause and effect basis. Otherwise, I am happy to continue living the way I am.

Moving to the city, you tend to lose yourself in the melee of everyday living, the rat race that exists around you. But I am content with myself enough so that I don’t subscribe to doing what everyone else does. One because I don’t need to and two, why stress about really unimportant things? For example, gas and food costs rising, rates and having to pay for tax. Sure it makes the news and everyone spends so much time complaining about it that it almost becomes part of their everyday conversation but I would rather spend time talking about real issues that affect me or my family.

Do you have any ideas? Do you know the real you yet? How would you find out?
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