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Lamborghini doors on a Smart ForTwo!

Last week I discovered I needed a new vehicle, My massive Mercedes E420 that used only premium fuel needed repairs that would cost about 3 times the value left in the vehicle.  I wasn't planning on getting a new vehicle, but I knew I wanted something small, fuel efficient and at a good price. I found a 2008 Smart ForTwo for a great price at the same dealership I had originally purchased the E420!  One of the things I love about this car besides the size and fuel efficiency is how customizable it is.

So who want's to buy me some Lambo doors for my new used Smart?  I am thinking Smart Delorean, I will try to get it as close to the one in Back to the Future as possible.  It's already silver :D
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I have had a Smart for 3.5 years. They are great for parking! Mine is silver too. Enjoy....
did you "Fix" your seats so you can fully recline?
No - I guess I need to read up on all these things you can customize them with! You can fit a hell of a lot in those things though. I have a convertible which is useful for carrying big loads as you can just stick things out of the roof :D
It's stupid simple to "fix" the seats, you just break them but not really, because they work just like normal after.  There is a little tab that prevents the seats from reclining.  They will go forward but not very far back.  All you have to do while holding the lever push back when it resists push harder until you reach the desired reclined position.  I had to pull it back up the first time but it works just like normal now.
I am thinking of getting a Smart. And yeah, people get creative with those little things! 
Deloreans had gullwing doors. Doesn't look quite possible on the Smart Car.
yeah I know but gull wing doors aren't available... this was the next best thing :D
+Edgar Cervantes I really like mine, and they are surprisingly comfortable and roomy.  At 6'2" and fat I don't even have the seat all the way back.  I wish there was an adjustable steering wheel mod, I don't really need to move it up or down but I would like to pull it out a little. My arms are shorter than my legs.
Yeah, I am pretty short. lol. But I just really don't need a normal-sized car. I very rarely am with many car-less friends. Plus Smart Cars are very affordable, both for the car and the mileage. I am going to go look at them soon. 
if you are getting something new, the chevy spark is kind of interesting and the Hyundai Veloster.  I didn't want to spend more than 10 so a 4 year old smart was pretty much perfect.
Yeah I don't really like huge commitments when purchasing vehicles. I prefer something I can pay off faster and just get it over with. I am going to look for something used and a few years old. 
Zach M
The Honda Fit gets about the same gas mileage if not better (can't remember the specifics), has way more room than you would ever imagine, is much more safe, costs almost the same new. First model year 2007 should be @ an affordable price now.
Really hated to get rid of ours, but had no choice.
I really wanted to get a Smart when I first heard about them. Unfortunately, my Prius still gets better gas mileage than the gas version of the ForTwo and it looks like the hybrid and electric models are still hard to get in the states.

I was loving the idea of the Chevy Volt as it was originally advertised (all electric power with a gasoline generator for distance). But, when I found out that it was really just another hybrid, it was ruined for me.

Give me a hydrogen fuel cell electric FourTwo and I'll be all over it ;-)
+Aaron Kasten I do have a Smart and i've thought about doing this to it.  While it would be baller it's several thousand dollars to have done which i'd rather spend on other things.
$1,499 from smart madness and it's supposed to be pretty reasonable to install. But yeah not high on my priority list, just kind of funny.  What Smart do you have?
+Zach Morgan your safety claims are bull shit, sorry I hope you don't get offended but it is true.  Safety is the go to for creating FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) for Smart cars.  Yet if you do any research like I did you can wade through all the FUD to see the truth.  The smart is a surprisingly safe and well rated vehicle. In fact according to this site it is safer than that Honda fit you thought was MUCH safer.

2008 Smart fortwo - 8.9 safety rating:
2007 Honda fit - 8.3 safety rating:
The fit got the same score in 2008 as well
Zach M
Hmmm. Now I'm going to have to try to find the ratings from when we bought a Honda Fit that do not quite line up with the usnews links you posted. That and I watched some crash tests between the 2 and really didn't like what I watched with the Smart. Not saying I really liked the Fit crash test either, but it did come out better. BTW, I take no offense to what you posted, maybe how you posted it, but I really could give a shit less.
The smart has a roll cage protecting the passenger area, which is more than can be said about most cars.  However that being considered, don't expect to have a car any more if you get into an accident. The smart was designed to protect the passengers, not the car itself and as a result virtually any accident will result in a totaled car.
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