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In that amazon link I just shared, a little pause of the video reveals, it's a phone announcement.
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Probably wouldn't make such a big deal about an app update
Or maybe it's just a 5-inch Fire tablet. ;)
+Pamela Hill with cellular modems and a crazy 3D interface! Anything under 6 inches is a phone in my opinion. Anything over is a tablet. 
I was really disappointed that the Nexus 7 doesn't have a call stack.... with a BT headset(or not, if you're a freakish giant) it would replace my need for a separate Nexus 5.
+Eugene E. Kashpureff Jr I know some people used the HSPA+ variant with GV and GrooveIP  but I think Google broke that in a recent GV update so, I am not sure why I am even bothering to type this.
Device also shows up in her glasses ...... Zoom reflection.
Lol nice photo shopping. At no point is that on screen.
+Lee Ball it absolutely is on screen, I have no photoshop skills. It's behind the progress bar if you try to pause. If you're clever it's easy to find it though.
I had it portrait on my phone so didn't have a progress bar however as I'm on mybphone the double tap pausing is hardly an art form so there is a good chance its skipped over it. I can confirm reflection in the glasses though would suggest a phone.
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