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Bug here? Notice the "lb" in the dialogue versus the "kg" in the settings line.

Is there a beta release at this time? All the talk of new features recently has me anxious.

How does Progression determine what starting values for weight and reps to put in for an exercise when you've done it before?

Also, how does Progression determine the length of rest time between sets? It seems to overestimate.

Is there a way to suspend a workout without canceling it so you can edit it to add a new exercise? Afterwards, I want to resume it.

Typo in description of Machine Calf Press:
It refers to a bench press machine instead of a leg press machine.

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Awesome 2/2 Condo for rent in St. Petersburg.

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I wish they had this sort of thing when I went to school. If used properly, it can really enhance learning and communication.
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