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We're crowdfunding on IndieGoGo! Check out our campaign and share this post to spread the word :D

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Following the recent addition of easy DBus service snapping in the snap binary bundle format, I am happy to say that we now have some of our KDE Applications in the Ubuntu 16.04 Snap Store. To use them you need to first manually install the…

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Pissed by the recent crap reporting from Joey over at! Ubuntu Touch is far from dead - updates are rolling in under convergence, Unity 8, and snaps. Really hard to support old devices with arm unless manufacturers update the device kernels - everyone is welcome to stay with an older kernel, and current click packages on your phone if that's your pleasure. Not real different from Android...

Otherwise, hang on for the ride, and find positive ways to contribute! Ubuntu is an AWESOME project!!!

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Amazing software coming to another platform!
Is this Kdenlive running on Windows 10 Pro? Yes, it is! This is still in the works, but great progress is being made by +jean-baptiste Mardelle and the Kdenlive team to deliver a stable Windows build, possibly in the near future.

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amazing work as always guys!
Podbird is now 2 years old! To celebrate we've released version 0.8 to the click store! This release brings a number of major improvements including:

* Queue support - It's now possible to add multiple podcasts to a queue so that they play one after another.

* Full download manager integration - Downloads will now continue when Podbird is closed and you'll be able to track their status in the system transfer indicator. This also includes a number of bug fixes to download handling.

* Downloads tab - The episodes page now includes an extra tab showing all your downloaded episodes in one place. This tab also shows a summary of any downloads in progress or queued.

* Visual improvements - We've updated Podbird to use Ubuntu Components 1.3 and made a number of UI enhancements.

* WiFi only setting - It's now possible to tell Podbird to only automatically download episodes when you have a WiFi connection.

* Update podcast artwork - You can now get Podbird to update all the artwork it has cached for your podcasts from the settings page.

This release was made possible thanks to the hard work of +Nekhelesh Ramananthan, +Kevin Feyder and +Mike Sheldon, plus the awesome Ubuntu translation team.

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KDE End of Year 2016 Fundraising just started. Get nice postcards and exclusive 20 anniversary signed artwork! 
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