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Cause and effect.  Sometimes things don't work the way we want them to, but we should learn from the experience to get a better understanding of the world and society.
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Precisely.  It is what we do with it that makes any difference at all.
Cause and effect. Should be required right up there with reading, writing, and common sense.
+Jaye Sudar  We teach none of that in the schools...  it's not on the standardized tests.
I know. More's the pity. Grrrrr....
So...  Whatchoo gonna do about it?
+Aaron Harper  I'm working on it! Don't have the master plan yet, but I have this idea. More on Monday. Maybe.
+Stephen Anderson I'm trying for one.  Jaye is the president of our local school board.  She is very academically oriented, but she came after a very sports-centric board who had no business being in education.  The disaster they caused represents a bill that this community will be paying for a generation, longer if Jaye doesn't succeed... so I encourage (also known as prodding) her whenever I can.  I do try not to do so on the weekend though. 

The previous school board and I had an <ahem> unkind relationship.  It all came to a head when after doing something particularly short-sighted, sports-centric, and stupid, I asked for clarification on a point in an open meeting with press present.  I said: "So... let me get this straight.  Your policy boils down to 'Johnny can't read, but it's okay 'cuz we gots football' (said in the most illiterate version of a southern accent I could muster)?"  

The board president, Jaye's predecessor, didn't  have an canned answer for that one, and the press used my quip as a headline for the week in two newspapers.  My purpose was to deny them re-election, making sure the policies get stopped in their tracks.  Jaye put on the brakes as soon as she took the reins, but like a speeding train it has taken a while for the inertia to be cancelled.  In truth it is still moving toward the gaping maw of certain doom, but it is slowing.  
+Aaron Harper yeah, I'm breaking my rule...  My children spent 10 years in England in in the English school system. There the emphasis is much as you stated +Stephen Anderson . Sports are a 'club' activity, and not as much a school activity. Here in Rural Colorado, sports is still king and the top news articles were about seniors attaining sports scholarships. Volleyball and Track this year. Sadly though, one senior had to take the ACT 6 or 7 times so that she could have that scholarship.

I find that I detest the sports excuses given by teachers, coaches and staff. in an era where we have no money for art, music, science, etc... we are complaining about who the next football coach is and how much he will be paid! Aieeee-ya!

I'm about ready to institute a new idea. If the state says we have failed to pass the standardised tests, we will not have sports. Sort of along the CHSSA rules. I've had enough.
+Stephen Anderson It is often easier for the simple minded to focus upon trivia instead of substance because it is an easier victory.  Likewise it is easier to shoot at something (not a far cry from swinging a club really) that acknowledge how truly backwards you are.  This is because this acknowledgement carries with it a cry for action which would involve getting off the couch and learning something.

To give you an idea how bad it is here, I managed a restaurant and the power went out.  We could still cook (I love gas appliances) but I was the only one who could make change.  Simple math, yet they could not apply it to a real world situation even with their phones.  Asking them to do the math in their heads was perhaps a bit much, but they had no clue that it was subtraction, or that their phones had a calculator.  

My aerospace business is about to go through an aggressive growth phase, and I have no one in the area I can hire.  Not one person below the age of 30 has anything to offer.  I will most likely have to move from the area when we pull the trigger on the expansion plans, and I'm not happy about this.  The cost of living here is dirt cheap and I get to have my morning beverage on the front porch looking at the definition of grandeur embodied in landscape.
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