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Access and Control Android devices remotely from Mac/Win/Web with #AirDroid3:

Is anyone else getting a delay when unlocking the phone? I never used to get it on older versions. Running PA 4.5 beta 1 on Nexus 5 with Franco 59

Having two issues; first off when trying to do a quick long press on an icon to access the editing menu it simply just jumps as if moving the icon. I would say my thumbs are just being clumsy but I've done it over 100+ times with the same result.

Secondly the unread count on my Hangouts always reads as 1 (or 2 if I have an actual unread message etc.)

Anyone else experiencing a fair amount of lag when trying to turn the screen on with the recent version? Sometimes it's up to about 2 seconds before it responds

I've loved action launcher ever since I found out about it but there's one thing I miss from other ones out there and that's being able to organize your app drawer or in this case the quick drawer. Whether it's folders or perhaps customizable sections I think that'd be really useful.

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Crysis 2, a mediocre game with an awesome soundtrack. Found this gem of a remix

Google+ just keeps getting better and better. Just wish people actually used it.

Patiently awaiting my Nexus 4. 1-2 weeks has never seemed so long.

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