MightyText (formerly Texty) is officially unbearably God-awful. Seriously, it's atrocious. It was phenomenal when I started using it months ago (when it was still Texty), but it's gotten worse and worse and worse. It now takes about 20 seconds for the window to pop up after I click the icon... and then another 20-30 seconds for the content of the window (my texts) to actually load. Sending occasionally fails despite saying it was successful. And now today I see this message every time I get a single new text. That shouldn't happen on each text period, and especially so after I've already 'X'ed it out twice.

Rant over. I'll be giving DeskSMS (from +Koushik Dutta ) a shot, and I fully expect it to be mind-bendingly awesome. That's just how Koush rolls.
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