As previously mentioned, my screen shattered pretty badly 6 days ago. I contacted Google support Monday morning to find out how I could go about getting the screen repaired, and they quickly redirected me to +Huawei support. Huawei support instructed me to email a specific guy with a few photos, proof of purchase, and a description of what happened, which I then did on Monday evening.

I placed a follow-up call on Thursday, but I was told by +Huawei that ALL repair/replace cases are funneled through ONE PERSON, and he "has a pretty long backlog, so it's taking a while to address them." The rep could neither provide me with more information (such as a cost to repair), nor an estimated turnaround time.

Not entirely sure what to do at this point. I'm hesitant to do it myself since iFixit gave it such a poor repairability score, and I'd hate to drop $150 or so on a replacement LCD only to find it's comparable (or cheaper) to have Huawei do it directly. At the same time, pieces of the screen are still chipping away.

Regardless, I think the real point I'm trying to make here is what the hell, +Huawei Device USA? One person? Really?
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