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If there isn't blood every time you work on your car, you're doing it wrong. Right?

Also, the One X takes some damn fine pictures, doesn't it?
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Yes, the camera is quite vivid with ....colors....

How do you like the One X? There are tons of complaints about battery life.
+Ben Marvin '08 GLI. I have a love/hate relationship with it, mostly consisting of hate. I had an '04 A4 before and it's a big step down from that.
+Aaron Gingrich I gues the One X does indeed take good pictures if I could at least nail down the brand. If you wanna try love-hate, you should try driving a 90's Saab Turbo. I hate it but it's still loads of fun.
Did you have the issues with overheating of the screen when playing games and loading battery at the same time ?
+Clemens Schartmüller I don't know, I charge it while I sleep, so I've never done both at the same time. +Ben Marvin yup, that's exactly how I feel. I think the wifey will be getting a new Volvo S60 or SC60 at some point in the next year, then I'm up for a new car a few years after :)
I think I'll get "one x" then ;) my contract runs out end of jun, the gs3 will be released then.. probably the one x is already cheaper then.
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