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Aaron Frost (Frosty)
If you think you know a bigger Google Fanboy than me, then you underestimate me. I am twingress on Ingress. Resistance all the way baby!
If you think you know a bigger Google Fanboy than me, then you underestimate me. I am twingress on Ingress. Resistance all the way baby!

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Man oh man I love my family! And +Google Photos does such a great job at creating these mashups, and I just love them!!!

I haven't been to Google+ for a while. It's looking good!

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This meeting is for ng-conf extended organizers to learn more about the event and to ask questions about how next week will go. 

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In March 2015, I hosted and MC'd the second annual +ng-conf. I think it may have been the most successful conference I have ever been to. The people. The Food. The talks. The after hours events. The ambiance. The music. The prizes and swag. The Sponsors. Everything was perfect. My favorite moment was when we gave away girl scout cookies to the entire audience. Please check it out.

BTW: +Dave Geddes is the world's funnest co-MC. Love him!

#gde #webTechnologies #angular #community

In June 2015, I put on one of the best Angular conference the world has ever seen. It was in Vegas, and we had 300 people show up from around the globe. We spent two days getting to know eachother and listening to some great talks. The after party was awesome! The food was great. And it was great to have the Angular team participate as well.

#gde #webTechnologies #angular #community

Last week I got to interview my friend +Monty Rasmussen to become a GDE. If anyone is a GDE, Monty is. His passion around Dart is absolutely unparalleled. It was a very easy interview. He provided so much information for me to make a good decision about his qualifications (over-qualifications?) to be a GDE. Today he has his second interview. I hope that he kills it!!!

#gde #webTechnologies #interview

I am not the best member of the JSJabber and AdventuresInAngular podcasts. But I enjoy my time when I do go, and I love that I get to meet and talk to the brightest minds in JS and Angular.

#gde #webTechnologies #angular #javascript #techtalk #community

I flew to London in October 2015 to be the MC for an amazing event: AngularConnect. The entire Angular team was there. It was pretty awesome! The talks from the team and the community were all ON POINT!!!! It was a great event. I hope that I get to go back next hear.

#gde #webTechnologies #angular #community

In September I organized the world's first Angular 2 Hack Night. My friend +Jeffrey Cross helped me. He is my #GDEBUDDY. We got some help from others like +Misko Hevery and +John Lindquist. We had about 80 developers show up to use a pre-Beta version of Angular 2, and give some really good feedback about Angular 2 to the Angular team. We had prizes and sponsors. It was really a great night.

#gde #webTechnologies #community

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Together with my friend +Thomas Burleson, we authored an course on Angular Material. It was a lot of fun. We have had lots of views. It released mid-February, and has helped a lot of people get over the learning curve of Angular Material.

#gde #angular #webTechnologies #video #sampleapp
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