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Nerd by day, cook by night; alright, nerd ALL day ;)
Nerd by day, cook by night; alright, nerd ALL day ;)

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Hey folx, so I had a really rough group discussion last night that was full of transcritical dog whistle and micro aggressions and my heart hurts. I'm feeling kinda unsafe. Can y'all say any lovely things about your last 24h? πŸ’– it would be appreciatedο»Ώ

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I might be doing a thing to process my Con Drop. H/T to +Seraphina Ferraro​

Kinda want another verse, but it's not spewing from my head like the rest did. I'm not likely to push it.ο»Ώ

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Aaron goes to Dreamation, 2k17

So yeah, this was my first con experience (other than wandering starry eyed around Fan Expo and doing literally nothing and hanging with no one).




Running the Long Con of The Watch was made an absolute dream by +Anna Kreider​​​​, +Christo Meid​​​​, +Michael X. Heiligenstein​​​​, +Tony Lower-Basch​​​​, +George Austin​​​​, +Joe Beason​​​​, Becca, and others whose names unfortunately escape me at the moment.

Had a fantastic game of Dialect facilitated by +Hakan Seyalioglu​​​​. When I reported to Anna that I played someone who murdered a man with a trowel she responded "What?! How? How do these things keep happening around you?" It made sense at the time πŸ˜‰

Symbiosis with +Sarah Lynne Bowman​​​​, +Harrison Greene​​​​, +Liz Gorinsky​​​​, Anna, Ephraim, and Michael was Emotional Labour Weight Training. I can't recommend this game whole heartedly enough. In many larps I walk away with feelings that aren't mine that I get to process using my own tools. In this one I walked away with tools that weren't mine (yet) automatically processing all of the feelings that already were there. And I have a lot of feelings.

Got a chance to play Witch: The Road To Lindisfarne with the ever incredible +Seraphina Ferraro​​​​ (who is one of the most lovely people living and I'll hear nothing to the contrary), +Jeffrey Collyer​​​​, +Brennen Reece​​​​, Anya, and one other fellow who's name passes me but played a really viscerally relatable Ham. I was Elouise, I was guilty, and I got burned and then sainted. I also tempted a knight into cutting his own hand off. Although it's technically a loss and I was surprised I got burned, I'm gonna call that an "Alternative Win".

+Joshua A.C. Newman​​​​ treated me to a game of The Bloody Handed Name of Bronze. So fun. SO fun. I can't wait until this is out in its final form, when it descends down through the clouds on six wings, with four heads seeing all before it, choirs of sacred platonic solids chanting pure tones, the sky lit with fire. So fun.

I got to participate in a pop up larp playstormed at the con itself. Give story gamers a jalapeno and booze, I guess. H/t to +Jason Morningstar​​​​, +Alex Roberts​​​​, +Misha B​​​​, +Brand Robins​​​​, and so many more, especially +Anna Kreider​​​​ for being just absolutely certain that I would eat the jalapeno were she to bring it to me. Currently there are scribes researching the true lineage of the pepper, and a collected holy book shall be assembled to commemorate the life of the Jalapeno of All Larp Knowledge.

My last gaming experience was Chuubo's Marvelous Wish Granting Engine run by +Tony Lower-Basch​​​​, with +Lisa Padol​​​​, Jim, Joann, and one of my favourite people, +Rach Shelkey​​​​. Playing Trinket is a thing I will never forget, and Rach and I explaining how bizarre Canadian TV gets to a table of Americans was one of the most entertaining moments of the convention.

I don't know that I would have made it out alive without my breakfasts with +Brennan Taylor​​​​. I'm sad we didn't get to play together, but I'm sure we'll make time another day. I don't know that I wold have made it out with my mind and heart intact of it wasn't for the emotional support of +Kate Bullock​​​​. I love you so much, and am so deeply happy to have you in my life.

Other folx who just rounded out my experience so wonderfully include +Vincent Baker​​​​, +Meguey Baker​​​​, +John Stavropoulos​​​​ and his intense eyes, +Hannah Shaffer​​​​, +Chelsey E.​​​​, +Jason Pitre​​​​ and his "terrible games", +Jason Cordova​​​​ and his wondrous contingent, +Sarah Richardson​​​​, +Jacqueline Bryk​​​​, +Whitney Delaglio​​​​, and way too many more to mention. Thanks most of all to +Avonelle Wing​​​​ and the staff of Dreamation for making the very thing itself possible.

I hope to see you all again sooner rather than later πŸ’–ο»Ώ

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+Tony Lower-Basch​ really understands me on a deep and fundamental level. Playing in his Chuubo's game and character selection is giving me all sorts of feels πŸ’–ο»Ώ

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Yay Dreamation! New friend! +Whitney Delaglio​ and I spent a good chunk of morning processing bleed πŸ’–ο»Ώ

The Ongoing Saga of Dreamation: In Which Aaron Eats the Jalapeno of +Jason Morningstar​ Because +Alex Roberts​ Wouldn'tο»Ώ

So, my mind is currently really tied up in story games that are single player, longer form, and played in personal physical journals or blogs, possibly in g+ collections or communities. Anyone interested in giving them a shot? I don't trust myself to playtest them and get meaningful results because that's too much "me" involved.ο»Ώ

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Part of my newest series, Breaking Down Tropes, this explores the Alpha Male stereotype and how we can include him in compelling story telling while also breaking down bullshit male gender roles.ο»Ώ

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The Humanity Project, Day 30

Well, it's been quite a ride folx, and I thank you for joining me and +Kate Bullock​ for however much of it you have πŸ’– I'm curious about the impact we've had, but even if I never know I'm glad to have done it. I'm thinking I might want to do a redux of it some time down the road, but I think I'll a approach more people directly about starting it at the same time. It's felt really powerful and intimate doing this along side Kate, for sure.

It was a complex day today. Lot of carry over from yesterday, family blowback style. It has made me so happy that my family is as supportive as they are. Much of today went to thinking about this, feeling about it. A lot of anger. More than a bit of sadness. Some fear. I buried a lot of it so I could better support my partner. Being her family I wanted to ensure I kept plenty of space for her feelings and her thoughts, whatever she needed. Ended the day in a better place than it started, I think.

Today was also my last day of work before Dreamation. Worked hard and made sure I got plenty done to make things easier on the rest of the staff for the next few days, anyway. Emotionally I was angry at the family stuff through most of work, but I was also happy because work was so nice, and sad because I'll miss my co-workers.

I end my day with much excitement. Tomorrow I take care of laundry, make necessary calls, ensure my fish are cared for, all that jazz. It'll be fairly chill, but I'm sure I'll be all abuzz through it.

Today's selfie is me with the poofiest of hair, existing gratitude for you all, +Kate Bullock​ for participating in this with me and pushing for us to do this, and for the project itself and what it's meant for me to do it. Thank youπŸ’–ο»Ώ
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